Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrift Shop Chic And Thistle Sweets

Recently, I had an art gallery opening for Soapy Hair Stories: Appropriations Of Roy Lichtenstein at Cachet G! International Boutique and Gallery for the first Friday of May in downtown Dayton and was overly delighted by the response to the artwork as well as the catered treats on hand for the modest crowd.

 A tower of vegan bliss from local bakery Thistle, a popular 2nd Street Market booth that features delicious vegan goodies such as orange dream cupcakes, oatmeal cream pies, and hot chocolate spice cookies! Hilary's tasty desserts are so delicious one cannot ever miss eggs and dairy because these sweets are so unbelievably decadent. 
The orange cupcakes are divine- the cake delicately moist and melting tongue, creamy whipped frosting having a hint of orange zest (or was I imagining that?) and yummy dried orange souvenir topping each little cake a sweet happy ending. 
Oatmeal cream pies brought me back to childhood days of unwrapping Little Debbie sans the cow. Two large chewy cookies with a bit of crunch and white fluffy madness in between, these had First Friday guests both intimidated and on cloud nine after one bite.
Yet my absolute favorite, the original drug that has kept me coming back to Hilary's pink painted booth is her hot chocolate spice cookies. Not too soft, not too crunchy- the round, hand held dark chocolaty heaven kicks and sweetens the taste bud, inflaming the tongue with fiery prowess. Perfect companion to milk and not something to ever give Santa (unless you're very nice and can be that generous), it's so easy to greedily indulge on cayenne pepper sprinkled delight with no assistance. 
I would love to thank Thistle Confections and Hilary. Couldn't have asked for a better person to cater this amazing event. Absolutely everyone found it hard to believe that these wonderful goodies were vegan! So fun to see everyone's expressions. :)

Now let's talk fashion.
Being an avid thrift store hunter for as long as I can remember, always out to find incredible pieces at good deals- my primary places are the Village Discount Outlet (in the Easttown Shopping Center), Goodwill (in the Oregon District!), Clash Consignments downtown, and other randoms. Also mall shopping on occasion, especially when stores are in the middle of clearance blowouts during season changes. 
Three quarter blue polka dot lace sweater was $1.99, ruched tank top $2.00, satin green slip dress $1.79, (all three from Goodwill),  knitted brown Vera Wang tights $2.00 (at Kohl's!), black American Eagle flats $7.99 (Clash Consignments!), and satin scarf $3.99  (Hair Plaza downtown).
Two special accessories- yellow duck pin and Frida Kahlo locket necklace were bought from two different shops on etsy, a place where I adore shopping from artisans selling their unique, one of a kind wares.
 I don't mind spending a bit more, especially considering that I have a shop of my own! :)

Wouldn't Susan's Boyfriend Loves Her Afro make for an interesting tote bag?
Just throwing one image of Soapy Hair Stories out there...

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