Saturday, June 28, 2014

Family Togetherness And Fond Memories At Wheat Penny's Oven And Bar

Two sweet gals ready to chat and chow down.
National Vegan Pizza Day isn't complete without an unseen chef making pizza for me.
My aunt and I had a great time catching up on life at the Oregon District's popular pizza joint Wheat Penny- formerly the location of Coco's Bistro.
It was her first time at Wheat Penny. I knew it would be special. 

The first Wheat Penny experience with sweet Aussie pal Anna! <3
I first visited the new restaurant back around December. Muted lights and charming atmosphere lured me back through its wooden doors today. Figured it would be perfect background for a lunch date. The outside architecture is pretty awesome to marvel. I used to walk by last year, watching it being constructed. Nice job! Colored bricks, light grays, and natural woods give a rather rustic charm. Interiors only add to earthy radiance. Plus music isn't too loud. Occupants can still have a nice conversation without shouting.

Charming building right?
After our photo session (heehee! thanks family guy outside), we were greeted by various friendly staff. Marissa, our waitress, performed above duty, making sure everything timely brought out to us. I love lemon water. It's what I always drink on restaurant outings. Lemon slices were bright yellow and fresh tasting. A waiter always seemed to be nearby with water pitcher ready to pour. Gotta love that attentive service.
I did wish to have one of the lunch specials- the broccolini and cherry tomato pizza sounded appetizing. Unfortunately, specials couldn't be made vegan. Like last visit, Build A Pizza ingredients available were Daiya cheese, caramelized onions, garlic braised mushrooms, and spinach. I ordered Daiya cheese, garlic braised mushrooms, and spinach.
Funny thing- large pizzas are served atop large Sam's Club sized tomato cans. Personal pizzas don't need that much height. Heehee!
The California style crust, proofed over several days and baked inside a 700 degree deck oven, is thick and well browned- great crunchy and chewy combined textures. On their site it's simply described: "our slightly chewy, air-pocketed crust complements our delicious toppings." My aunt teased me about eating pizza with a knife and fork, but that's how I like it. It's not overly greasy and not too saucy. No need for extra salt. Although I did crave nooch and crushed red pepper.
Vegan ice creams featured were coconut milk based vanilla, almond milk based chocolate, soy milk based strawberry, and soy milk based cherry chocolate chip. Of course, I went for two scoops of the latter. 
Overall, delicious food and amazing company!
Hoping that the next visit has a more versatile array of vegan options. Even if they don't, I know what to order anyway!
Spinach, garlic braised mushrooms, and piping hot Daiya Mozzarella Style Cheese top marinara sauce! Doesn't it look mighty familiar? Yes. Same exact pizza as December. Still delicious and highly recommended.
Dessert was two generous scoops of cherry chocolate chip soy milk ice cream! Heavenly. Like the Trader Joe's version.Next time, sneaking in a can of Soy Whip. Don't tell anyone!
Our magical day didn't end at Wheat Penny. We visited Aunt Rhonda- who's in the strongest, greatest spirits right now!!!! Yippee!!! :D

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