Thursday, June 9, 2016

Daiya's Alfredo Style Mac

Tried out the Daiya's Deluxe Alfredo Style Cheezy Mac today.
To elbow macaroni water, I added frozen spinach, letting boil in hot water together. Once the pouch of white cream opened and oozed out rich, luscious, uber thick saucy sauce, the mouthwatering hunger set in. 
All mixed evenly.
Side view.
With gardein's Fishless Filets and red onions adding a lovely color pop.
Daiya's flavor profile in this authentically rendered Alfredo sauce is something to applaud. It even smells like my favorite fettuccine Alfredo sauce from childhood. I'm not sure how they do these magical things in their recipes. I love, love this one! I hope they eventually put it in a bottle for noodles. I might like this a bit better than the cheddar version. It doesn't overwhelm the spinach and there's certainly enough to coat each little elbow. The perfect yum.


  1. I just made some fishless tacos with the gardein filets the other day! I love them so! I haven't tried the daiya Alfredo, but after seeing this post I think I have to try it! It looks really excellent with the frozen spinach too, that;s a nifty idea that I will have to borrow!

    1. Thanks!!!! The gardein fishless filets are incredible! I need to make tacos myself. The Alfredo is super good. They need to bottle it as a sauce. :)