Friday, November 11, 2016

Vegan Mofo Day #11: Return To New Harmony Pictopost

My friend and I ate lunch at New Harmony Restaurant-- featuring some of my favorite cuisine-- Asian yumminess. Here we had the amazing $6.95 lunch special starting off with hot wonton soup. The wontons were delicious yet the broth was exceptional.
I ordered the vegetable steamed buns.
She ordered "pork" steamed buns.
Bun feast appetizers with special sauce. I never had these before. They're quite amazing. At $2.95 for three sumptuous pint sized flattened balls of goodness, I could imagine ordering steamed buns alone to complete a meal experience.
The pork bun alone was just heavenly! A nice burst of flavor in the center of chewy soft dough.
Sesame "chicken" was light, crisp, and tasty atop brown rice.
The mock "beef" wasn't top of the line. In fact, after one bite of the chewy, awkward tasting faux meat, I could eat no more. Sadly, I couldn't exchange it for another dish either. That was a real waste. Plus our service certainly wasn't the best offered this afternoon. Still, the soup, the steamed buns, and my friend's dish made for a fulfilling prelude to Buy One Get One Free Gingerbread Soy Milk Lattes from Starbucks-- a much needed dessert and true end to an almost catastrophe. 


  1. The steamed buns look so good! It's a shame about the service and the main dish, but at least it wasn't a wasted experience.

    1. The steamed buns were definitely on point!! I was very thankful that my friend ordered a delicious dish! :)