Monday, December 5, 2016

Vegan Mofo Day #19: Airport Vegan: Johannesburg Edition

For Vegan Mofo #19, I rather enjoyed my stay in Johannesburg. A beautiful, charming, unbelievably sublime place filled with too many sights to see on so short a visit. After escaping off airplane shuttle van, having told the driver I planned to return next year, I was in O. R. Tambo International Airport for a majority of a Sunday. First thing I did-- headed to the fancy-schmancy Woolworths for breakfast, finding a package of tasty Hot Cross Buns-- 100% vegan. I would love to make my own vegan hot cross buns someday. They're divine.
This is my first time having them! These cute, small buns were easy to break apart for ravenous devouring. Currants, raisins, cinnamon, and all kinds of holiday reminding flavors crept onto tongue and stayed between satisfactory chewing.I could have eaten the whole six pack.
See the softness?
In between window shopping at souvenir shops and free standing kiosks, travel companions are excited about lunch-- despite one not being able to consume. The mixed berry smoothie is the start off.
Vegetable korma curry and vegetable rice.
I am a little questionable about the vegan authenticity of this dish. My waiter claimed there was no butter or milk in this. Perhaps he was right. I could barely taste the coconut. I've had plentiful coconut dishes in my six days and had yet experienced something lacking that strong, present taste. Yet, I asked another waiter and he sad, "yes. There is butter and milk in that." So..... Although, my waiter came back and repeatedly rested his case, I couldn't finish my meal. I didn't have the usual stomach symptoms when having an accidental dairy moment, but couldn't fathom how one waiter insists that it's 100% vegan while another waiter is clearly unsure what's in the food. Maybe I was being too severe and feel a little guilty, but I wanted to be consciously aware as opposed to not being entirely certain.
An hour before boarding the plane, which would be leaving at 11:30PM, I discovered Mugg & Bean, a coffee bar restaurant near the gate. From the Mexican Style Street Food Menu, I ordered the pan friend mushroom torta (excluding mozzarella) with garlic, rocket (arugula), tomato, and fresh basil and a side of hot, chunky cut, rosemary-salted fries and bottomless lemonade.
Mushrooms were flavorful between warmed bread-- just needed a bit more. Fries were delicious. I'm thankful to have eaten this prior to boarding Dutch airline-- an all out cheese fest failure. Something needs to be done about KLM that's for sure.   

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