Tuesday, February 25, 2020

invoke at 2nd Street Market

Autumn flavors take center stage in the latest menu offerings at invoke.

I finally stopped back in to the 2nd Street Market for another taste of  the utterly forgettable invoke. I had only been once last January and my busy schedule recently granted me a chance to eat there again-- the hours are Thursdays and Fridays 11am-3pm and Saturdays 8-3PM. I will be having my Thursdays off for a bit.

I ran into a local celeb, Mama Nozipo. I interviewed her years ago during my Dayton City Paper coverage of the Black Cultural Festival. So happy that she is still out and about in the city, continuing to be an RTA ambassador and a wonderful, inspiring elder for the young people. 
Circa 2019, the basil mayo drenched invoke zucchini basil sammie and raw Dayton Style Cheezcake. The latte was at Press Coffee.

I came to have the zucchini basil sammie again. However, it was gone, off the menu. Instead, in its place, the choice of a butternut squash sammie topped with caramelized onions, arugula, and almond cheez. Even with the carrot dawg tempting me (applewood smoked carrot "sausage" with lettuce, pickled onion, and romesco), the mood was on for the butternut squash. The brotherly owners, Larry and Lester Gates, are real sweethearts, having great conversations with customers whilst grilling fresh quality ingredients right in front of you. The food is excellent. Just humble, full of flavor, and natural.

A generous helping on top of yummy flatbread. 

I gifted the scrumptious Dayton Style Cheezcake with my mom and had the Pumpkin Cheezcake. The chocolate sauce froze en route, but tasted delicious as "candy."
I absolutely enjoy the incredible food here and will be back-- much sooner than later.


  1. The butternut squash sammie sounds like it was a great choice, and the cheezcakes look incredible, too!

    1. Thank you, Julie! It’s such a sweet little spot. They have the most delicious food with conscious thoughts in mind.