Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yummy Brown Rice Couscous

The other night, I sampled something that was new to me, Lundberg's Mediterranean Curry Flavored Brown Rice Couscous.
Originally I thought it be regular couscous, a Moroccan grain pasta that usually takes about five minutes to prepare.
However, that wasn't the case.
Derived from brown rice, it's broken into smaller pieces, mimicking the texture of traditional couscous.
Takes about thirteen minutes to make.
After bringing water to a boil, the grains and a package of seasonings go in, plus I tossed in my friends broccoli and carrots. Once fully cooked, I sprinkled olive oil and sliced an avocado on the side, which wasn't quite ripened, but I ate it anyways- soooo enjoyable. Love me some avocado, I just don't care! ;)
Very flavorful and well seasoned, this dish makes four servings- plenty left over for pita wraps with falafel and a cold salad.
Definitely a keeper to experiment with more! It's just that delicious!

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