Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nature's Path Love Crunch: Dark Chocolate & Red Berry Premium Organic Granola Product Review

My favorite new snack!
A few items were on sale in the Kroger's Nature Market (including $3.99 Daiya shreds!) and Nature's Path's line of bold, prettily designed packages of 11.4 ounce granola caught my eye for $2.99 each. 
With delicious chocolate coconut crunchy flax seed rolled oat clusters, little sweet dark chocolate cubed squares, and dried red berry yumminess, the bag was simply too hard to close. The serving size being only 1/4 cup, I cannot reveal the aftermath photos- only the beginning of fascination- the love at first bite.
There's a reason it's aptly titled- Love Crunch. Each morsel is a very calculative proposal to a chocoholic, as though each tiny burnt umber square is saying "marry me," the textured red berries are the sprinkled rose petals, and those yummy clusters play the background symphony waiting for the answer.
All in all I say "yes!" Yes, I will keep on eating this amazing concoction until the end of time! 
Not too overtly sugared and lightly crisp, this is just another item that made the Grocery Must Haves list! Also recommend adding a handful of walnuts or sliced almonds if a nutty craving strikes while consuming this particular granola- a delicious part of your complete breakfast and/or life forever.

A treat for those always on the go, this granola has a little bit of everything!
Also very delightful cereal with a bowl of almond, soy, or any other vegan unsweetened milk.

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