Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Arimas Jewelry Box Africa "Queen" Earrings

Lo and behold majesty of ancestral heritage.
The prettiest earrings arrived yesterday. Naturally, I felt compelled to share queen worthy brilliance. I say queen because they're regal in appearance and symbolism. Brass Africa continent cut shaped beauties were like a dream come true. Not too small or large, but dominant enough to make a bold statement. This is perfect for any woman looking to define strength without words. Plus if your origins are from other parts of the world, be it a specific state or region, Samira is willing to create it out of her brass material with gold backing. Or purchase sophisticated designer pieces for a friend. Artisan one of a kind goods hold a certain power and esteem that a regular jewelry store rarely delivers.
Samira's gorgeous Arima's Jewelry Box is now bookmarked. Unique customer service inspires me as an artistic creator. Fantastic personal touches showcases care to buyer.
First of all, delivery arrived faster than anticipated.

Ornate black design on soft gold paper.
Inside paper- a "made with love" sticker atop glittery gold jewelry box with chic ribbon and a special coupon.

$10 off next $50 purchase if shared on social media. Unseen- another extra little coupon for free shipping. With categories in head, neck, ears, fingers, and beyond, I'm bound to find something fetching. <3
Her and hers earrings. Africa is mine. Black afro picks are for Ma. She'll have a real hoot knowing that these weren't from Claire's Boutique or some upscale department store. These were crafted from artisan heart.
These are mine. Fine detail. Although a little red glitter coats one. It's still rather sharp.
Self portrait with Africa earring? Oh yes. Future drawing ideas galore! Sorry Vermeer.
It's truly an earring I've always wanted to own. Perfection.
Happiness served. Thank you Samira. You're amazing.

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