Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Purple Streak Box Braids + Thrifty Fashion = Easiest Math

The purple streaks were good for a while. It doesn't mean the end. I recently bought Manic Panic's Purple Haze.
Purple is the best color on the planet. The end.
Box braids had an amazing run. Amazing. I enjoyed the compliments, the feedback. It was a refreshing, enjoyable experimental experience that fulfilled some inner bucket list. Yet I do want my afro to have purple streaks. Right now, I'm softening and conditioning with a surging commitment because to color hair, mine has to be at top notch strength.
I must give a commendable shout out to the Goodwill, Philly Aids Thrift here in sweet ole Philadelphia, and Cure Thrift in New York City. These great thrift shops made it so easy to match chic hair to a frugal wardrobe. I found wonderful modern pieces and some retro flair that still matches my fashionable spirit and of course-- my retro specs! It's incredible how having purple streaked braids made me value my glasses so much I didn't put my contacts on during my whole purple hair experience.
Please do take the time to find indulging gratification in life's supreme joys: family, friends, summer, thrift shops, hair dye, good books. It's too short. Far too short.

$1 sequin color polka dot shirt with this $1 ruffled purple jumper dress and $3 floral printed purple scarf from Philly Aids Thrift made a pretty statement!
Proud lady getting the selfie smile down pact!
My friend gave me his hat- 100% straw which coordinated well with a $4 white blouse with surprising bit of lace around collarbone area and $5 floor length blue polka dot skirt looking skort from Cure Thrift. The suspenders were a long ago purchase from Hot Topic.
Box braids and retro specs did not hurt one bit!
I'm going to be a private detective one day.
Also looks killer without the hat.
Chic, very adorable $10 Forever 21 vintage style dress from Cure Thrift matches the bow I bought at Forever 21- $3.50 for a bow two pack. Scarf is from Eva's Head Wraps.
These nifty cat earrings (which tried so desperately to match the real life sleeping Siamese baby fluff cat) don't hurt either. You can find these at Books a Million.
It happens to be my one month anniversary of being employed at school in the museum's visitor services department. Yay me! Great to be able to take an hour break painting, enjoying sandwiches, and having oils splatter my nose. Oh this dress was $3 from Philly Aids Thrift by the way. Terrific pattern.
It's not sweater weather, but this is a thin light weight powder blue "I Am What I Am" long sleeved shirt that I found for a $1 at Philly Aids Thrift-- their Dollar Heaven is no joke. It's incredible the amazing items I keep finding!
$1 for a knee length turquoise off shoulder dress from Philly Aids Thrift? Really? Yup.
And of course working out wearing another $1 Philly Aids Thrift find- chocolate brown t-shirt featuring a happy cat about to enjoy an ice cream cone. Motivation right?
New artwork to come? Sniffs a little.

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