Wednesday, July 8, 2015

For the Joy of Dottie's Donuts

Even with flickers of white paint on my purple retro spectacles, nothing stops the blissful enjoyment of a Dottie's Donut. Enjoying the desired cherry vanilla donut past 5PM.
Dottie's Donuts is Philadelphia's call to the sweet vegan wild.
I was just a gal cherishing Brooklyn journeys to Dunwell Doughnuts, reveling in the confectionery heaven of animal free fried sugar treats when I heard the most exciting news: someone was making vegan donuts in Philadelphia.
On a chill March, I took subway to Grindcore House, saw the beautiful dark pink frosting of a Dottie's Donut elderberry and fell in love at first bite. Love. Great swooning rock your socks off kind of love. They got the sweetness and texture just right. One bite is memorable flaky, chewy softness, moist, tasty dough of childhood craving. Plus if you take some to go and heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds and enjoy with a hot (or cold) beverage, you are set for life.
One of my favorites is the Almond Joy Donut. It has a classic donut base that is then topped with sinfully decadent chocolate appeal, crushed coconut flakes, and almond pieces. Hits all the perfect notes.
Since PAFA is right in the heart of Center City, I am so pleased that I can walk to Govinda's Vegetarian on South Street or Joe's Coffee near Walnut. Elixr Coffee, however, is always fresh out.
Here are all the Dottie's Donuts locations so far.

Elderberry donut was perfect with hot chocolate at Grindcore House.
Cinnamon sugar and vanilla chocolate chip from Joe's Coffee. Naturally, this newfound love sparked creative prowess. Be on the lookout for a series of sweet paintings partly inspired by the delicious world of Will Cotton. The rest relies on heritage. And memory. It really is difficult to paint donuts and not eat the donuts.
Matcha chocolate donut from the 2nd Annual Philadelphia Vegfest. Impressive.
Another painting donut still life preparation- almond joy and lemon lavender also from Joe's Coffee.
Almond Joy (I love Almond Joy immensely okay?) and Cherry Vanilla (mmmmhhhhmmmmm) from Govinda's!

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