Monday, February 22, 2016

Brunch In Brooklyn: A Pictorial Afternoon

I first visited Champs last summer. It was worth coming back to!
In Brooklyn, two vegan hotspots are the best places to enjoy brunch fare.
Champs, is an amazing place to engorge, especially when monstrously starving. The brunch menu contained enticing animal free delights such as chicken and waffles, sausage gravy and biscuits, the very popular Tofu Benedict, and red velvet pancakes. Plus the baked goods sitting in front, all plump and protected in clear glass cookie jars presented hunger with wicked challenge.
I stayed my ground and ordered the breakfast enchiladas and a side of potatoes.

Oh boy! This was one fulfilling stomach pleaser all right.
Beautiful light and crisp tortilla overwhelmed with strategic zig zagged sour cream, mild salsa, melted cheese, a scooped chunk of guacamole on top and an interior stuffed in tofu scramble and vegan sausage goodness.
Scones looked mighty pleasing. Muffins appeared fluffy and moist.
Yet I craved doughnuts from one of the best places on earth.  Thankfully it took only a two minute walk around the corner for incredible dessert.

Food Network award winning Dun-Well Doughnuts was the perfect sweet treat location.
In both regular sized and miniature, flavors like lavender-almond, jelly filled, French Toast, and maple were seductively laid out in the two tier glass case. They were so beautiful. Like irresistible mouth-watering paintings trapped inside of classic wood framed charm, begging to be eaten. I almost swooned, looking at each crafted doughnut fighting over for affectionate attention. It is very, very tough to pick one. Let alone three.
I selected the glaze for its honest replication of a childhood treat. I absolutely love their version. This has been my third visit (yes, only 3 times) and I always get the glaze. Clear authentic icing crushes together at first bite, its sweet flavor both delicately crunchy and moist. Some may consider glazed a plain creation. Believe me, Dun-Well Doughnuts make this flavor so good, the blissfully inclined aficionado doesn't miss Krispy Kreme at all.

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