Sunday, July 3, 2016

Saturday Interlude at Blackbird & Govinda's

A friend and I made plans to eat an early dinner at Blackbird Pizzeria. The experience wasn't regretful by any means. Plus twosome became a foursome when two familiar faces joined the pizza fray. We split French fries with Blackbird's excellent housemade cheese whiz style sauce on the side-- waters and Maine Root's fair trade Black Cherry soda to drink. 
The cauliflower pizza is excellent. Square pan pizza is topped with roasted cauliflower, melted Daiya cheeses, surprising pinch of lemon zest, and sparsely applied parsley-- a unique blend of flavors like a pleasant medley on taste buds.
Brunchbird slice-- tofu scramble, Daiya, bacon, and spinach topping this popular pie. Yum. Em and I chatted a lot about random things. She happens to be from NYC and knows several good vegan pizza restaurants in Brooklyn. Another pal of mine is having his first solo show on Thursday and I'm coming out to support him as well as take in other art happenings. Yet I wouldn't mind testing out pizza along the way. Vinnie's sounds good. They have specialty vegan toppings such as Teese, breaded eggplant, and Mediterranean Feta and specialty vegan pies to boot. Whereas Blackbird is my Philly pizza relationship, Vinnie's can most certainly become my NYC pizza love (or bae in this age).
For dessert, we walked the eight blocks (working off the pizza ardor) down to Broad and South for dessert. There were cakes galore plus Dottie's Donuts, brownies, ice cream ala cart, and chocolate drizzled cookies. Anything to replenish sweet tooth was fare game. I settled on the exceptional white chocolate raspberry cheesecake from the great place Vegan Treats. It was the much needed happy ending from an otherwise gray clouded day. My eating outs are often lonely and having a planned friend outing plus unexpected affable company proved to be quite fun.

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