Monday, August 1, 2016

By Chloe's: The Chic Vegan Experience

by Chloe is certainly worth the modest wait time.
After a day full of art and intellectual thought, we walked from The Greene Space towards by Chloe on Bleecker St. From outside, the seemingly Chanel inspired awning featured homage to a fashionable admiration of vertical black and white aka the classic pinstripe.

Sophisticated decor of a vegan fast food joint.
Humorous aesthetic likely had a nod to comic books too-- refreshing charm in the restaurant field.
The fancy napkins touting "so fresh and clean" have a vintage vibe yet also call out Outkast's funky rap song. Plus the little restaurant wait buzzers all have adorable messages such as my "thank you berry much!"
Fancy cupcakes, cookies, and cake teased the eye in a tasteful colored display.
I ordered the sweet potato-cashew macaroni & cheese topped with shitake bacon and almond Parmesan. It was the most superb combination of flavors. The creamy cheese sauce mirrored some rich fascinating heavenly cloud of euphoric bliss while crispy smoked mushrooms took on the challenging task of providing meaty flare. Easily one of the best vegan macs ever tried.
My friend had a guacamole burger, fries, and Kombucha. The fries were delicious and the curry beet ketchup was absolutely divine! Yes, I did have a contorted face, so used to tomato based fry savior, but beets changed my mind quickly. Plus I believe my friend fell in love with the curry beet ketchup as well.
All in all, a pleasant experience. Loved the black and white noir nostalgia and the retro packaging! I will have to come again to try out desserts. And more curry beet ketchup....

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