Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vegan Crepes & Scones

For a friend's birthday, it seemed like a good idea to give Little Choc Apothecary a second chance. My intuition said "yes."
First of all, they now have a brand spanking new renovated upstairs. Varied jars of colorful spices and natural herbs line the back wall in beautifully organized display.
Toasting to the birthday girl with an iced chocolate orange shake and banana almond smoothie.
Pizza Crepe meets Room For Mushroom (with added homemade cashew cheese).
Bits of the interior action. This is a fulfilling amount.
So filled, the crepe oozed out bursting goodness on the other side.
Cinnamon raisin almond scone and complimentary hot tea-- which was extremely flavorful with lovely floral notes. My friend chose apricot jam. I selected raspberry.
Take a look at the creamy, luxurious raspberry jam and the thick clotted cream.
The vanilla flavor was a strong complement to sweet chewy raisins and spicy cinnamon component.
Magic number 7 to end a wonderful meal. The staff was friendly, courteous, and sweet this time around. Plus I received a 10% coupon on my next visit. I cannot wait to bring another pal!
After brunch, we did bump into Ghostbuster Leslie Jones outside of Madame Tussand's. I bet she would have loved Little Choc Apothecary too!

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