Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Food Empowerment App For Your Chocolate Needs

This free app is a grocery store treasure, making shopping for cruelty free, slave free chocolate easy as pie.
The resourceful Food Empowerment App is a handy guide that allows grocery shoppers to find ethical chocolate while perusing the aisle at the same time. Great features include looking at the list in three different modes-- the recommended list, the not recommended list, and all brands. Plus, it's rather nice to read up on the FEP philosophy and how the brands are given ample amount of response time before generating to respective place on each list.
People need to know where their chocolate comes from. I cannot stress this enough.
I strongly enforce during Black History Month that all black lives are important on this very earth we stand on. As our cultural landscape worsens due to monsters in office, we have to be strong and resilient together more than ever before. One primary goal is to make sure that we support companies that disclose information about where their cacao beans are sourced from. Child labor and slavery is wide and rampant throughout Western Africa. I've read stories from children who work day till night, receiving less than penny earnings (sometimes not even being paid on time). Their backs often are injured. They are harshly punished. They don't see their parents or siblings often enough. The statements go on and on-- each worst than the last.
Lately, it has been an upsetting struggle, watching people discuss value of black lives and attending marches/protests while stuffing a Snickers or a Twix bar in their mouths. How can a person not care about where their chocolate comes or the pain involved in the making of it? I want everyone to understand that this is a global issue, a colossal concern that we must consider respectfully with some form of endearment and compassion. If collectively we hurt Hershey, Mars, Nestle, etc, perhaps they could see the impact and shoot for change. Maybe. Just maybe.
Until then, it's wonderful that a company like FEP has rigorously campaigned and opened eyes to this huge, under looked problem.
Please install the Food Empowerment App. It is free and simple. Plus, a lot of chocolate brands are affordable. They might not be available in the office vending machines, but they are in certain grocery stores like Whole Foods Market, Shop Rite, Kroger, and even CVS and Walgreen's. There is no excuse for continuing to give money to those greedy corporations inflicting violence on innocent brown bodies.

Proud of Daiya for being included here. It's one of my favorite vegan brands after all.
Remember that only the So Delicious organic items are Food Empowerment Project recommended. 
Speaking of Taza.....
Since these were on sale for $1.69 each, I bought all three vegan flavors, thrilled and overjoyed to do my part in purchasing chocolate created from kindness and sustainability. Funnily enough, this chocolate is underneath Salazon and Altar Eco-- these two are also on the recommended list.


  1. Thanks for this, I didn't know there was an app. I need to be more consistent about choosing the recommended brands - I usually choose them, but if I'm baking with chocolate I get careless and pick up whatever they have at the supermarket. I mustn't let laziness be an excuse any more.

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad to help. This app has been an incredible part of my grocery shopping. So thankful to have it. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this app which I will be downloading. perfect timing as i'm getting a new phone today! I couldn't agree more, it's time to show these companies that they need to do the right thing! Great deals on those chocolate bars too!

    1. Awesome! I'm really happy to hear it! I definitely recommend having the app on your new phone. It works on both Android and Iphone. And the Taza Chocolate bars are divine! :)