Friday, April 14, 2017

Goldie Falafel

On April Fool's Day, a new all-vegan falafel joint opened in Philadelphia and it's nothing at all to joke about. Goldie, the latest happening craze founded by the men behind Dizengoff, Zahav, and Federal Donuts, is a modestly lit upstairs restaurant with a few stools facing Sansom Street and booth seating which fits about twenty people when its non-crowded. Plus the staff is very friendly and will patiently answer questions about various tehini sauces (Amba, Schug, and Harissa by the way).  I had a rather nice, delicious experience that must be repeated.
The menu is simple. Nothing too fussy.
The layout also features a look at their ingredients.
Rose water...
Tea biscuits and coconut milk....
Insane closeup of the main star attraction-- plump falafel in a Dizengoff pita.
Crisp, fried to perfection falafel surrounded in Israeli salad, cabbage, and plain tehini. It has been such a while since I've seen a falafel with a beautiful, vivid green interior. Maybe I have a salt sensitivity these days, but I thought falafel was a tad bit too salty. Just a little. 
Crunchy Shwarma spiced fries are out of this world phenomenal, especially with the sweet tangy ketchup. They also come in regular and Za'atar.
I chose the chocolate tehina shake-- my brand spanking new addiction. Its incredibly thick and tastes like a veganized Butterfinger with a unique nutty flavor doused in amazingly rich chocolate and crunchy tea biscuits. For only $4, it's the best and cheapest priced vegan shake in Philly.


  1. That falafel looks gorgeous. You're right, the bright green is not something you see in all falafels. How awesome to be able to order anything on the menu!
    The fries and shake both sound amazing too. Za'atar fries would be delicious!!

    1. It's beautiful, like falafel art. I'll try the Za'atar fries next time! :)