Sunday, September 24, 2017

Soul Vegetarian Is Delicious Down Home Comfort

Soul Vegetarian was my highlight, my gem, my favorite eating spot in Chicago.
The restaurant is separated in two parts-- the Eternity Juice Bar has their own separate menu with takeout hot bar (features yummy okra, cabbage, and more. The pot pie seemed to be a huge hit.
They also have prepared sandwiches, salads, and desserts.
On the other side is Soul Vegetarian. It was a modestly packed house with gorgeous framed artwork gracing the walls.
I loved the tantalizingly written menu descriptions.
Close up one of these insatiable battered cauliflower bites.
The sauce is a spicy sweet ketchup.
The sloppy joe (crumbled BBQ seitan) platter looking mighty scrumptious.
A tall brother with long locs passed by and mumbled, "mmmhmm mmmhmmm mmmmmhmmmm! That sure looks good!" And an afro sister asked, "what is that you've ordered?"
The bun is soft and pliant, a perfect compliment to the meaty sloppy joe, dripping oozing satisfaction onto the plate with each tender squeeze. The fries taste incredible-- light on salt and grease,
The Vegan Dream Coconut Cake was amazing. Originally, I meant to scarf it down on the plane ride, but ate my giant heavenly slice much, much later, alone in a dark place, devouring tasty sweet in the privacy of my own sanctuary.

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