Saturday, September 16, 2017

Vegan Beauty Travel Essentials

A few beauty products stowed away.
Before I headed out for a special three day trip to Chicago in guise of self pampering (food, art, and sight seeing), a few solid deals squeezed themselves into the beauty portion of my carry on bag. Alongside usual components ($3.99 mini bottles of Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner reused often) and Desert Essence 100% Jojoba Oil ($6.99), these other vegan skin treasures (at great value) were much needed and appreciated.

I'm thankful for the conveniently located Marshall's, Whole Foods Market, and Ulta Beauty spread around downtown Philly. Discounted prices and sales come and go. It's imperative to be on the lookout for awesome steals. Marshall's always has a bunch of cruelty free vegan products in all their departments (hair, body, and facial skin care) and often I find a new brand to love through this inspection.

For the airport, however, some items were over the three ounce rule, but managed to pass through security.

Thank heaven.

A Few Vegan Beauty Essentials:

Pacifica's Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes, $6 (was on sale 2/$6 at Whole Foods Market)-- I love the pleasant smell of coconut as soft, bubbled foam cloths glide onto face in circular motion, gently removing dirt and oil.

Valentina's Naturals Hydraboost Toning Mist With White Tea & Hibiscus Extracts, $22 ($4.99 at Marshall's)-- A light toner spray and mild touch down to give skin a dewy, refreshed appearance, especially a savior for those with dry skin.

Pacifica's Dreamy Youth  Day and Night Face Cream, $16.00 (was on sale $9.99 at Whole Foods Market)-- My morning moisturizer leaves a pleasant, non-greasy vibrancy, leaving face and throat even and smooth.

Sukin's Super Greens Facial Recovery Serum, $18.95 ($7.99 at Marshall's)-- I use this at night to have beautiful skin by morning. Just a small bit goes a long way.

Aura Cacia Rejuvenating Moroccan Argan Oil, $6.99 at Whole Foods Market-- Perfect for skin and hair, this versatile beauty weapon  gives dry strands life, bringing healthy moisture and shiny gloss.

Schmidt's Lavender + Sage Deodorant, $8.99 ($3.99 at Marshall's)-- Lovely fragrance that isn't artificial, stays on long, and absorbs wetness even when you're at your most active. I walked all over the city and didn't break armpit sweat once.

Olivia's Oil Pulling Mouthwash, $10 ($4.99 at Marshall's)-- Swish and swish for 5-10 minutes to get rid of toxins inside the mouth. Requires patience, but listening to five minute songs and looking at your goofy mirror reflection helps pass the time.


  1. I love jojoba oil! That's pretty cool that they make an oil pulling mouthwash!

    1. Jojoba is excellent! The oil pulling mouthwash takes some getting used to. It's different.