Sunday, May 5, 2019

Nada Moo's Gotta Do Chocolate

I have told this story a thousand times, but it is the purest truth. My mom always made or bought me a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream on my birthdays. Occasionally, I got to choose chocolate chip or chocolate swirl ice cream to cut down on the overload. Thus, I never had the full courage to disclose to her that I didn't like chocolate ice cream.
Yet Nada Moo has definitely changed my mind.

Nada Moo has been a favorite ice cream brand for a while now. Their mint chocolate chip is pure heaven. I found Gotta Do Chocolate pint at the neighborhood grocery store (which is slowly churning out vegan products). At $7.59, it would be a rare treat, considering that at Whole Foods Market the ice creams are frequently on sale for $4.99. Still, Nada Moo is a great company, being one of several ice cream manufacturers on the Food Empowerment Project list.

From the first incredible bite, Gotta Do Chocolate embodies wonderful bliss. The delivery of sweetened chocolate and coconut cohesively mixed together creates tantalizing moments on the tongue. Nothing at all like the bland chocolate ice creams of past birthdays and other random special occasions. Maybe it is the organic cocoa or maybe it is the coconut milk base-- either way this perfectly nuanced chocolate ice cream brings pleasant thoughts wrapped in newfound happiness.


  1. I can not imagine not liking chocolate ice cream! lol Although I will admit I haven't had plain chocolate ice cream in awhile. FYI Nada Moo is on sale at Whole Foods for I think $4.99? I can't remember but it was posted on their instagram. Still not cheap but still saves $2

    1. Lol! I understand! Back then, it wasn't as good to me. Plus, the overload.... I hope I have time to stop by Whole Foods. I love whenever Nada Moo is on sale! Thank you!