Sunday, June 24, 2012

Newman's Owned That Chocolate Orange Bar!

Olivia wanted to sample, but no!
Maybe she's that close because she admired the $9 Scooby Doo t-shirt from Hot Topic?
Smells so orange-y when opened!
The "chocolate haze" face. Seriously would have eaten the whole thing, but that 31 grams of fat ain't nothing to sneeze at! Haha!
Tried the Newman's Own Organics Orange Dark Chocolate candy bar and ate it in two days flat.
I absolutely demolished that unsharable goodness like a raging Godzilla woman.
Shocking coming from someone who doesn't eat oranges, but enjoys orange flavor, right?
Does that even make sense?
With organic chocolate being primary ingredient and that natural orange flavor last, zesty undertones of that citrus fruit essence whispered at every bite of decadence, "I'm present and delicious."
This is the kind of chocolate bar that must be eaten slowly, savored as eyes drift close.
Okay, I suppose the secret's out- don't actually devour monster style when it comes to chocolate.
Not at all.
Its special, beautiful taste is what inspires passionate poetry, something to love as though will never have again. They should rename it to Newman's Own Orangansmic Dark Chocolate bar....
And taste buds miss it already. *sighs and withholds a sniffle*
On a serious note, this may be melted down into a future creme or frosting of some sort. Hmmmm...
As for those three Good 'N Natural bars, a mistake. That is all.
Win some. Lose some.

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