Friday, June 15, 2012

My 1st Homemade Vegan Ice Cream

Ice Cream In A Blender- An Experimental No Or Yes?
When first heard about using a frozen banana as a basis for ice cream, I was surprised and ecstatic!
But I don't have an ice cream maker or a processor. How can I make it?
Well, a blogger suggested that a blender could be used.
Skeptical and still very excited, I decided to test it out after dinner.

Only 3 items?

1 large frozen solid ripened banana
7 pitted and diced cherries
2 tablespoons Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter

Peel and chop banana. Personally, I think it probably best to have peeled before freezing. My mistake!

Ready the cherries.
Add all ingredients into the blender and stir until reached desired texture.
Awww. Mine turned out goopy, but at least I had a real cherry on top!
I may have over did some blender buttons.
Should been strictly mix and blend.
Finger did accidentally slip on that liquify option! But only for a second...
My concoction was texturally a smooth, half chunky smoothie, combined with crunchy walnut "sprinkles," random bits of bananas and cherries were sweetly delightful. Cold and velvety, it does taste reminiscent to ice cream, in a fresher, most intriguing way. Plus the chocolaty peanut butter gave a minor note, seeming to harmoniously enrich two fruits together while fighting to come to the surface. May add an extra half teaspoon for next time.
Cringe worthy to note, but just last year, I enjoyed artificial fruit shakes/beverages from various restaurants, especially the cherry ending.
Now I know that nothing beats the real thing and that creating your own unique ice cream blend is a deliciously fun experiment! Definitely something to do with kids. By using fresh fruit, no extra sugar, dairy free options, and ingredients one can actually pronounce, wonders of the taste bud imagination can go so very far with one frozen banana.
So with this ice cream (frozen yogurt maybe?), it's not a downright failure, but I have ideas on making this blossom to full potential!


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    1. Thanks Riccardo!
      It was very delicious, but next time, I will peel the banana before freezing and won't push the wrong blender buttons. :)