Thursday, July 3, 2014

My First Co-Wash With Sukin Won't Be The Last!

Hair talk time!
Happy July folks! Did you see? Did you see?! AfroVeganChick is now a dotcom. FINALLY! I've been meaning to do it for a while. It's here now. y'all. :)
Hair. Did you miss my hair? I bet.
At old, former place in Philly, someone took my Sukin Australian Naturals Moisture Restoring Conditioner- a pretty damn good conditioner too. Formulated for dry/damaged hair, it worked well above duty. Seriously. that conditioner was my hubby. When I got my fro cut last year, the hairdresser loved the scent and the results. So with hurt feelings, I went back to Marshalls- mecca of great deals for us cheap vegan beauty product junkies. They didn't have that particular one anymore. Just for normal hair. Argh. My hair is not normal. It gets uber dry quick. However, it featured ingredients like nettles, avocado (my hair loves avocado like body does), jojoba and sesame oils intended for hydration. Plus paying $7.99 again a better bargain than the full price plus shipping for my beloved Moisture Restoring Conditioner, I decided to give it a try alongside with Purifying Shampoo. I also found Zerran Reallisse's 100% Vegan Anti Frizz Shine Masque on clearance for $5- it's such a treat! Needless to say, I've had a great relationship with the three.

Sorry Purifying Shampoo, but you weren't leading in!
Forever, I have stayed true and dedicated to the two shampoo rinses and conditioner ritual. Otherwise called The Long Sunday Shower. I have heard about co-washes, but never wanted to try it. Didn't want to divorce from those two shampoos. Even though, I gotta say, glad I did. That squeaky awkwardness that happens after shampooing did not occur during my first co-wash! Wet strands felt incredibly soft before the masque process started.
I picked out oiled, slightly dampened (with water) fro before this first co-wash.
Soaked hair in water and added conditioner. Rinse. Repeated.
Added hair masque and let it sink in for 5 minutes. Rinse.
Patted wet hair dry with an old t-shirt.
Slabbed on the Hair Food, massaged, gently picked again, and started twisting very soft strands!

Frontal: Faux Almost Mohawk.
Side A: Overlook the pimple and marvel at velvety hair that fingertips adore.
Middle: Texture is an amazing phenomenon.
Side B: Edges are looking so much better too.
Back: Spiral, Spiral- I adore you!

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