Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Best of the Year: Vegan Yogurts By Daiya Foods & Kite Hill

2015 was definitely the year of yogurt bliss.
Silk, So Delicious, Whole Soy & Co., Almond Dream, and Nancy's have serious competition. Uber popular Daiya Foods and artisan almond milk company Kite Hill introduced their own fruit filled refrigerated, protein packed soy and dairy free alternatives.
Both brands had distinctive qualities, making it impossible to truly crown a champion. 
I enjoyed Daiya's rich, ultra thick Greek style and Kite Hill's superbly sophisticated creation. At Whole Foods Market, Daiya is priced at $1.69 and Kite Hill (a Whole Foods Market exclusive) is priced at $1.99-- so as far as breaking budget goes they're reasonable for vegan yogurt standards.
Try out these great treats alone or place them in a smoothie like here
Either way, I hope Daiya and Kite Hill's new yogurts stick around to 2016 and beyond!

Kite Hill's Strawberry was an amazingly whipped treat. Real tart strawberry bits in a smooth, velvety cream unlike yogurt of the past.
Move over Chobani! Daiya's Blueberry is thick and luxurious with delightful bursts of juicy, plump blueberries....
while Kite Hill's Blueberry is like blended cream. Nothing artificial about the flavor. Pure perfection.
Daiya's Black Cherry is my favorite-- likely due to both my partial love for cherries and that irresistible thickness that feigns ice cream.

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