Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cocoa V: Chocoholic Delights At A Real Life Vegan Chocolat Exists

On a walk fresh from the Whitney Museum, having a hankering for sweets, I spied a chic, romantic haven. I was actually on my way to the library to see one of my favorite authors, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, have a conversation about "Americanah," winner of 2017's One Book campaign in NYC.
Chocolat is real for vegans!
Unfortunately, the beautiful chocolate shop wasn't opened, having a "Be Back in 30 Minutes" sign hanging on the door.
I held an inner battle.
When had the sign been placed? Five minutes ago? Ten minutes? Would it be best to wait another day? Should I just continue on my walking and go to Cinnamon Snail instead (another hike)?
In the end, I waited (my chocoholic heart believes in love at first sight, especially if it's vegan related).
I'm so beyond happy that I did. For Cocoa V is worth the drool and the pining away.

For one thing, they have pastries, milkshakes, and chocolate.....

Inside the brick house location, they have a lovely stacked assortment of ribbon tied barks such as Blueberry Apricot, Cocoa Nib Brittle, Pretzel Caramel, and more.
Small space, intimate seating, charming view.

My seat.

Adorable pieces of chocolate flavors include PB& J, Hazelnut Praline, and Salted Caramel.

The pressed chocolate bars are to die for. I got to try samples of both the Smores and Strawberry Banana flavors. I cannot tell which one reins on top. The sweet marshmallow contrasts well with the rich, divine chocolate. They were out of graham pieces, but I just knew that it would've been exceptional replacement for the popular over-the-fire camping treat. The dried bananas against the chocolate tasted like a cosmic love affair that can only be described by a true romantic. 

Very kind, gracious Chelsea poses with the Smores bar-- a highly recommended delight!

Peanut brittle, cookies, and lemon cake with cream cheese icing (seen in the mirror) are other delights on the chocolate shop counters. I couldn't believe that this astoundingly delicious sight was all vegan, 100% vegan. It was like an awe-inspiring dream, one that I must have imagined a thousand times. I was part Willy Wonka, part Vianne Rocher, and a little part Armande Voizin (because who else didn't love Judi Dench's character!).

Miniature cupcakes with chocolate ganache icing screamed my name (well, everything inside screamed my name), but I ordered something a little more simple, a little more ordinary. It's not to say that I would not have ganache cupcakes or anything else the charming confectionery had to offer. I would eat everything in a heartbeat. Alas, one must think of moderation and loving their bodies with a degree of decorum, especially in the face of something as preciously divine as chocolate seduction.

I had to have the chocolate layer cake.

The cake is moist, rich, and wonderful. I savored the heaven out of this decadent slice, a delightfully wicked interlude to a rather splendid day. It seemed to say, take the time, enjoy this moment. Cocoa V primarily uses Felchlin Chocolate, a Switzerland based company committed to sustainable grown cacao beans from Madagascan farmers, is on the Recommended Chocolate List of Food Empowerment Project. I knew a bliss unlike any other and vowed to return. For Cocoa V promises to be an often serendipitous haven for me, the perfect place to write and indulge in romantic possibilities. Oh, I'm so happy to have found this!


  1. Oh my, what an amazing place! So smart to have waited for them to open! I feel like I want to live there!
    Your cake looks amazing. I bet it took a long time to decide. I'm the worst when it comes to decisions, especially when I have a lot of vegan options.
    I can't wait to read about your next visit!
    You have such a beautiful way with words!!

    1. Thank you!!!! I certainly hope that I don't wear out my welcome because quite frankly this is a better spot for me than the occasional Starbucks. It's very beautiful, smells like heaven, and chocolate is everywhere. It's special. My kind of place. :)

  2. Hi Janyce, it's Chelsea from cocoa v. I absolutely love your blog! I have it bookmarked now. thank you for informing me about that fair-trade app. you're so sweet and warm, thank you for kind words! Hope to see you soon.


    1. Hi Chelsea! Thank you for reading and bookmarking AfroVeganChick. Also thank for being kind and gracious. That brings a smile on my face.
      I will definitely be back to Cocoa V. :)