Thursday, September 29, 2016

Oh Sweet Charlie's: Rolled Up Ice Cream Kings

A neat Center City ice cream joint.
Autumn, my favorite season, is here.
Though summer is over. Chill has come. Rainy days have arrived.
That doesn't mean that I don't miss ways of beating the heat. 
A few weeks ago, I shared Sweet Charlie's Ice Cream Roll Live in action via the AfroVeganChick channel (subscribe to a digital world of vegan food, art, fashion, hair, and more). This creative concept is interesting-- rolling up ice cream and putting toppings on these rounded tubes.
Almost everyone filmed the sideshow spectacle of their creations being made. As the male workers, chopped, scraped, and rolled ice cream to cheesy pop tunes, I waited for mine to be clean. Since there's no separate turntable (it is a small place), for a vegan, it is recommended that they wash away traces of dairy base.
They use scrumptious Nada Moo-- a popular Texas family-owned vegan ice cream brand.
I picked vanilla flavor with blueberries mixed in and strawberries and crushed almonds on top.
And it tasted as special as it looked-- a pale lavender shade, strawberry slices like bright red flower petals.

Berry sweet concoction.
Isn't it beautiful? The fruity flavors divinely work together in a cool innovative take on traditional take out ice cream. Rolled up ice cream is a satisfying thing!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Vegan Products: Vegan Eggs, Almond Milk Ricotta Ravioli, & Meatballs

The moment my eyes connected with Follow Your Heart's VeganEgg located in Whole Foods Markets' dairy aisle next to the other 'eggs,' I almost performed a cartwheel. Then I remembered that I have no such athletic skill. I have no inner Dominique Dawes.
Instructions are simple. Whisk together two tablespoons of VeganEgg with ice cold water.I added a bit of black pepper to the mixture that smells and acts like eggs.
Added to mushrooms and onions, crackling sizzle came on and smell continued its masterful trick on fulling senses. It takes 7-9 minutes to perfect "scrambled eggs."
Excellent on a sesame seed bagel. I also added VeganEgg to breakfast polenta, a savory center for waffles, and vegetable stir fry. The creators definitely did their homework when it came down to the science of how eggs operate. Still, the major woe of this review tale is that for 12 servings this product is $7.65. Take that what you will. It might be easier to go traditional vegan tofu scramble route with some added turmeric and nutritional yeast if budget is your concern as it is mine. I will buy VeganEgg sparsely in the future. It's a yummy, authentic product-- one amazing step for vegan humankind, but at the same time, pricing could be a little more reasonable.
I have been waiting to try Kite Hill's vegan ravioli forever and it was worth the wait-- meeting every expectation head on.
A delicious balanced dinner comprised of Kite Hill's impressive ravioli topped with marinara sauce and a side of rainbow carrots-broccoli medley.
These were divine. The center of creamy ricotta and firm pasta tasted like an Italian grandmother's delicious secret recipe. There's something wickedly addictive about Kite Hill's Almond Milk Ricotta for starters. To place their superb ingredient as the sibling component to fresh tasting spinach is an applaud worthy celebration in every bite. I still love my Soyboy frozen ravioli, but cannot the sheer joy of Kite Hill's simple refrigeration and heat method. Makes things conveniently easier.
gardein's Meatless Meatballs are easily one of the best vegan versions around and reasonably priced (yes!). I prepared them in tomato basil spaghetti sauce over angel hair. Plump, tasty meatballs are like heavenly, unharmed, plant based treasures from above. Although, they were somewhat burnt on one side, that charred texture provided a wonderful, unexpected crunch. I'm not suggesting that everyone go out and scorch one of side of your gardein-- just honestly saying that I did cherish that flavor profile.
Topped with lots of nooch (one doesn't want to consume dairy free cheese with every single meal).
Another beautiful close up.