Thursday, May 30, 2013

Avocado Tea Tree Oil Creme Deep Conditioner Treatment

Tea tree oil massaged hair pre-shampoo & conditioning treatment.
Scratch. Scratch. Scratch!
I hate that flaky irritation caused by dandruff and cannot always wear black.
Those nasty little white are specks garnish every blouse and dress top! So alas, I conducted research to dispose of my treacherous foe and discovered that some essential oils can get rid of the problem over time- tea tree oil for one.
I ordered a ml from eBay and waited for the vial's arrival, knowing exactly what to do with it. I massaged it into my scalp, added a few drops to my shampoo, and concocted homemade conditioning treatment to be made twice a month.
Avocados are not just good for eating! Their rich, fatty contents are pretty great for skin and hair. I've actually made a lovely conditioner months ago and decided to use it again, but amped it up with tea tree oil's beneficial rewards for dandruff and olive and jojoba oils for soft manageability.
The results were terrific!

Avocado Tea Tree Oil Creme Deep Conditioner Treatment Ingredients (keep in mind this is for short hair length, double recipe if needed)

1 half avocado
1/3 cup olive oil
10 drops tea tree oil
3 drops jojoba oil

Blend all ingredients together.
After shampooing hair and drying (I always use an old t-shirt-absorbs wetness quicker), massage in ample amounts of conditioner.
Proof that I could never look good as a blond or greenette. 
Once it's all in, put on a plastic cap & leave conditioner in for 30-45 minutes. One can opt to sit under hooded dryer, but I chose no heat. Rinse & dry.
Used my homemade hair cream & extra Jamaican Black Castor oil for styling very soft hair. No flakiness in sight!

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