Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Sick Girl's Thrifty Whole Foods Adventure

Whole Foods on South Street.
I thought fresh air would make the sickness a little tolerable. Except I sneezed every few minutes on the thirty minute bus ride to Circle Thrift. It's horrid, especially on crowded public transportation. Surely people were tired of blessing me and wishing that I stayed home piled in blankets. I wished to be.
But alas, I headed to the thrift shop first, hoping that forty dollars would get me a nice table for my studio books or at least a nice carpet for my tush to rest on. Found nothing to my liking unfortunately. In fact, there are so many great objects in the streets these days. Cannot believe how many tables or bookshelves were just on the sidelines ready to be trashed. But I don't have a car or know anyone so I'm stuck staring at these treasures, wishing to embody Arnold Schwartznegger or some lady equivalent.
I did, however, find two cute dresses and flats. No tawdry romance novels. Boo. The saleslady kindly snipped a dollar off. So I left happy.

$5 each for a Forever 21 ankle length boho dress & a H&M black & white cassette tape retro jumper dress! Which should be the New York outfit for Saturday?
$4 Bamboo vegan flats. Any man made 8 1/2 shoe brings me joy.
At cheery Whole Foods lies the rest of my adventure and thankfully, I didn't cough or sneeze at all.
That is, until the bus ride back home.
Charlie Brown muttered "good grief" inside my head throughout the much unneeded fits. Grr.

Vegan fruit pies oh my!
The Whole Foods bakery really had me drooling. Raspberry Cupcakes.....
And peanut butter chocolate cupcakes. Not pictured: the vegan mini gingerbread loaves, large vegan chocolate chip cookies, & vegan brownies. Just an overall smörgåsbord of sweet mouth watering goodies.
Never thought I would see Marley brand coconut oil, but there it is mon!
To the owner of Brad's Raw Leafy Kale Chips, I know you live 33 miles away. Thanks Whole Foods! ;)
I have no idea what a knish is. Definitely a must Google.
Omg! Omg! OMG!!!!!! I've been looking for these forever! Found the new Daiya slices ya'll. Yes!!! I feel like a winner. Now if only I could find their cream cheeses....
Will definitely get some Eat Pastry dough in my future. Always wanted to find this too.
$30? Ouch! I've seen this cheaper. Well, in Dayton.
Field Roast galore. Something I could not find back home.
They were out of Cherry Bonne Maman- the best flavor.
Check out with all new products- Daiya's Provolone Style Slices for $4.49, Field Roast Apple Sausage for $4.99, Miso Master's Yellow White Organic Miso for $3.99, Whole Wheat Flat Bread for $1.99, So Delicious Cultured Almond Milk Vanilla Yogurt for $1.99, So Delicious Hazelnut Creamer (on sale for $2), & two Gingersnap Sandwich Cookies from the bakery for $1.09! 
Night wasn't a total loss. Found Bonne Maman's Cherry Preserves at Super Fresh (across the street from Whole Foods) for a lot less! $3.49 is the lowest I've ever seen it!!!
Eating gingersnap sandwich cookies at the bus stop. Boy that ginger is strong, but delicious! Felt my throat getting cooled alive by the spicy kick.
From store to fridge. It's all good.

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  1. Oh noes! Feel better soon. It looks like you got some great deals. Those shoes are so cute.