Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lemon Bananas & Cream

Incredible light and fluffy dessert.
Today I performed a small good deed. Taking advantage of Starbucks Buy One Get One Free On Holiday Drinks: Day Two, I ordered tall Gingerbread Soy Decaf Lattes, intending to drown sorrows into sugared condolence. Lackluster afternoon crit weighed heavily on mind. Except SB on Market Street was super busy. Faulty register broke down frequently much to customer frustration. And also, there were few seats for disheartened artist to put on her writing hat. I was fortunate to find a seat next to a young gentleman introducing himself as Maurice, a web designer. I have no idea how he figured me to be an art student. That was one of his first questions. He had no red cup drink of his own or intentions of buying one. Or maybe he had drunken coffee before arrival. I offered up my free one and warned him of it being decaffeinated, soy "milked," and needing no extra sugar. He didn't mind. 
All in all, it was sweet the tiny interaction we made: shaking hands, talking art, and sharing decaf lattes.

Edible Flowers are $1.29 each and a beautiful way to decorate dishes needing color accent.
I am both eager and frightened of food adventure. In every section of Whole Foods Market are daring challenges that I have yet faced to battle. Price is one factor. When I spied Organic Edible Flowers for a dollar and some change, curiosity forced my hand holding fresh basil container.
Now these little babies are in vividly intense colors. So I imagined flavor profile being just the same.
It tastes refreshing in this banana dessert. Takes on strong flare, more powerful than mint, lighter than basil. There is something special about biting into a flower bulb and knowing that it's a flower bulb. Texture has both chew and mild crunch. Although it seems rather pungent to add into sweetness, flowers add layers of phenomenal depth between scoops of thick Coco Whip and whipped banana amazement. Next time, I will mince up pieces, incorporating weaving in and out balance diversifying each singsong bite.
Overall, lemon bananas and cream tastes just like a Shakespeare verse.
Yet the love is made for a serving of just one.

Lemon Bananas & Cream Ingredients and Preparation

2 ripened bananas, smashed
i teaspoon lemon juice
pinch of cinnamon
1 cup So Delicious Coco Whip
2 teaspoon shredded coconut
edible flowers for ganish
finely grated lemon zest (optional)

Mash opened bananas with back of a spoon or fork.
Fold in 1/2 cup of Coco Whip and shredded coconut.
Top with remaining Coco Whip and edible flowers.

Coco Whip is such a blessing to banana heaven.
Poetry captured in a "Love Bug" glass.


  1. So you enjoyed the flowers, eh? Glad to hear it. I had my first red cup this week too. I am still processing my feelings on it. I think it is more so the tradition of it that's the exciting part rather than its flavor. I have never purchased a "BOGO" for myself. That was sweet of you to share! The BOGOs in my life are shared with my sister, now that I think of it...

    1. I wish I was around my sister these days. I miss her immensely. I continue enjoying new vegan experiences and know that she would be one of the few to share them with. You're lucky. Yes. I really liked the flower's flavor. It took a few tastes to absorb and acquire. The red was much better than the orange.