Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pacifica Gift For You Lip Tint Trio Giveaway

For only $9.99 treat lips to three fabulous minute colors this merry season!
Hope everyone had pleasant Halloween, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations and other weekend fun times. Sorry to have missed out on celebrating my favorite holiday. Sadly, I've been too busy with grad school life. Okay, it's not all sad. Classes are better than ever. This week starts spring registration. I'm even participating in various forms of NanoWriMo including BlogHer's NaBloPoMo. My artist gal pal Jolyn is also participating on 31at31! Also back to halloween-- it wasn't a great loss. I was fortunate to be at a Starbucks (opened late on Friday nights) and witnessed various characters passing by. Some stopped in for hot beverages. Nothing topped the kitten "baby" in a basket. The owner knocked on my window and forced the "baby's" paws to wave whilst also rocking furball. Cutest sight ever.
Soon I'll post pictures up of my first in school installation-- "Nappylocs and the Three Combs--" Pan-African fairy tale. So I suppose Halloween will be much belated.
Now back at my local Whole Foods, Field Roast's Chao Slices have yet to make an appearance. Beauty special caught my eye. In the makeup department, I scored Pacifica Natural Minerals fancy smancy emerald green shadow! The company has their holiday collections up. New eye shadow palettes and lip treat presents created for the vegan loving cruelty free enthusiasts. The spirit has caught me early. Like the tinsels, ornaments and trees already on sale at Michael's. Whoa nelly!
One sweet lucky blog fan will score Pacifica Natural Minerals Lip Tint Trio. Fuchsia packaging, shimmery gold font, beauty geometric flowers and patterns with everyone's favorite little bunny signature on the back. Yes. It symbolizes what is to be a festive time of the year.
The contest starts now and ends November 10th!
Good luck to all.
Pacifica Color Quench Trio come in Guava Berry, Coconut Nectar and my personal favorite-- Sugared Fig.

Even in the dark, lightly shimmered hot lips come out. Not too attention getting. Soft, pleasant. Smells delicious.


  1. Hey, hey, hey now! You are the for participating in both writing challenges this November! Hats off! Well, I look forward to following along and getting all up in your grad school life biznaz!

    I definitely want to see pictures from your upcoming installation: "Nappylocs and the Three Combs--" Pan-African fairy tale!!!!

    You may have to request the Chao Slices at Whole Foods. I have yet to try them but only because Whole Foods is not that close and I am being a lil lazy hahahaha! I will definitely have a slice by the next family gathering.

    Happy blogging!

    1. Awww thank you, Jolyn! It's going to be tough writing a lot and making art and trying to stay on top at school. That's why I need 50 hour days. Cannot do this 24 hour weirdness lol. Still, I'm excited. Lots of great things popping around here. Ad of course I will post my installation pics here. Looking forward to feedback and remarks from friends and artists alike. :) Argh. I just might bother Whole Foods. Then again, I am going to NYC on Saturday to see a play. Must buy more Chao there. I cannot believe 2 hours is the closest I can get some. What a joke! How far is your Whole Foods? And is that the only natural foods store by you? If anything, I think when push comes to shove we can make our own Chao at this rate. Hahahaha. :D
      Anyways, I look forward to your posts as well-- stay dedicated Sis! Let me know when you try the Chao. Now that's the real! ;)
      Happy writing and blogging and art making to you too girlie! <3