Sunday, August 26, 2018

New Products : Miyoko's Kitchen Butter, Chuao Sea Salt Surf Chocolate Bar, Parmela's Creamery Black Pepper Nutcheese, and So Delicious Toasted Coconut Key Lime Ice Cream

Breakfast time got a little better.
Vegan companies are pulling out glorious stops to bring incredible products to the kitchen table. 
This summer was no exception. 
I continue embarking on purchasing chocolate off the Food Empowerment Chocolate List and buying foods that do not contain palm oil. It has been a rough road with the sudden deletion of certain things. I am still dismayed over the Blue Diamond Almond Milk recall-- what a heartbreak. At the same time, life feels more pleasant, more natural these days. I hope these companies continue delivering their best to consumers and besting the dairy/meat industry one great product at a time. 

Miyoko's Kitchen European Style Cultured Vegan Butter is my vegan butter dream brought to life. Cheapest at Trader Joe's, I was fortunate to find a spread that contains no palm oil like the rest on the market. It melts beautifully, has a wonderful replicated flavor, and can be used in baking recipes.

Baked sweet potatoes smothered in butter with a side of Brussels sprouts.

Also great in pastry treats like Baked Apple Hand Pies.
Chuao Chocolate is amazing! This Venezuelan imported chocolate has an incredibly rich flavor-- smooth and decadent. The Sea Salt Surf contains the right balance, playing on textural qualities whilst retaining sweetness.

The individual words on each square adds a nice, playful touch. I also love that this is sold at most CVS stores. With my ExtraCare bonuses, I often get these bars for either $2 off or 30%-40% off. It's a steal considering that this is a premium chocolate bar.

When I came into Mom's Organic Market for my usual Field Roast Chao, I spied a row of new nut cheeses from Parmela's Creamery-- shreds, slices, and spreads. I picked up this Creamy Black Pepper Nutcheese and enjoyed this in everything such as macaroni and cheese, tacos, etc. 

Yes, even cinnamon raisin bagels lapped up the mild flavors of black pepper nutcheese.

Run don't walk for this yummy So Delicious Toasted Coconut Key Lime Ice Cream. I found this last pint at Whole Foods Market, during a summer sale. This coconut milk based ice cream is light and airy with citrus key lime swirled into creamy vanilla and coconut flavor. Definitely a new favorite and the best summer vibes dessert hands down. 


  1. That yogurt looks so good! I need to try the Miyoko's butter sometime. Thanks for the reminder that one can find it at Trader Joe's; they sell it at Wegmans but the price is painful. Have you had the Chuao with salted bread crumbs? It sounds a bit weird but it is SO GOOD.

    1. Thank you! It is sooooo good! Like a sweet burst of summer. The butter price is steep, but it lasts me a while thank goodness. I haven't tried the Chuao with bread crumbs. Sounds eccentric and fantastic at the same time!

  2. I avoid palm oil as well. It's very difficult, they stick palm oil in everything! I did notice that Trader Joe's sells the Miyoko's cheaper than anywhere else. I will definitely have to try it some day. Since I stopped using Earth Balance I've almost forgotten what buttery goodness tastes like!
    That nut cheese sounds amazing!
    I still need too try the new Soy Delicious. I'm definitely interested in the key lime and also the bananas foster!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I agree, it is hard to be a consumer these days, my friend. Palm oil is everywhere. Parmela's Creamery is really good. I'm going to try their other cheeses for sure. The sauces are a bit high though. And So Delicious continues to amaze me. I love almost every treat they put out.