Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lemon Brown Sugar Scrub

Oh no! Running low on my weekly skin magic treat!
It's getting hot out there and time to show a little summer skin!
Thanks to The Lantern Skin Studio for this incredible recipe for pliant, soft skin that looks like the sun smooched all over before taking even one step outside to greet rays. Seriously, the glow affect alone is the reason to try this at least once. Your skin will eat it up and thank you.
This awesome scrub can also be used as a shaving precursor, but I use it once a week for its great exfoliating abilities. It's like a superhero in a jar- a super heroine without a cap (well, at least I tie a pretty purple bow around it for good measure!). Sugar is the sweet smelling gentle scrubber, olive oil is the luminous moisturizer, and lemon is the natural toner. Three great ingredients make for one beautiful union.
Also check out my latest thrift store outfit- a shoulder kind of day! Heehee! I love LOVE thrift stores. Best place to find bargains and unique one of a kind clothes. Very imperative as a vegan to read labels (I'm 100% cotton, polyester, satin, nylon, etc.) and remain cruelty free in all walks of life. :)

Lemon Brown Sugar Scrub Ingredients

2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup olive oil
2 tablespoon lemon juice

Mix all ingredients and keep inside a tight jar.
Keep in a cool place.

When using, take an ample amount & smooth all over body.
Skin truly seems to start glowing & moisturizing thanks to olive oil!
Massage with a smooth scrubber for FIVE minutes. Thoroughly rinse clean in the shower & use regular soap/body wash afterwards. Towel your smooth skin dry.
As for the rest of routine (though skin is soft and cocoa butter silky), I massage coconut oil and Shea Butter Balm into towel dried skin.
Of course the moment called for shoulder showing off! Yay! A $5 Bisou Bisou dress from my fave thrift shop and a big smile for upcoming sun kisses to make radiant glow even more complete!
I'm leg shy. But the wind can breeze through these $7 floral lace Forever 21 tights easily and these Madden Girl heels (from Clash Consignment for $9) are to die for.


  1. I love Steve Madden! BTW thanks for posting the scrub recipe, I'm really gonna try this - super easy.

    1. Hi Tammy! I too love Steve Madden- he always has a great line of vegan shoes! I love this simple scrub. It's beyond wonderful. Hope you give it a try! Thank you. :)

  2. Woo hoo! I love homemade toiletries like sugar scrubs and lotions. They are so much fun to customize and it is good knowing that there are not harmful ingredients.

    1. Thanks you! I agree 100%! Nothing better than using edible ingredients that absorbs into skin so nicely.

    2. You are on the ball sista! I like your cruelty free speak! Peace to all.