Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vegan Picnics and Frugal Fashion

Lovely Saturday for a picnic.
I hope that everyone is taking the time out to appreciate this pleasant July weather. Don't sit indoors and be a watching television couch potato when the free great outdoors contains the most amazing happenings impossible for a remote control to well... control.
It has been straight cloudy, raining, thundering, and lightning here since the tail end of June. Once the sun decided to bless today with radiant beauty, I couldn't stay inside reading books and stroking kitty fur a moment longer. A picnic was definitely in order. A little peanut butter and jam sandwich with fruit and fashionable thrift store finds amongst a soft, chilled breeze, summer warmth, and the sparkling magic that always awaits any visitor to nature's picturesque pond.
The day couldn't have been any better. So wonderful...

Preparing a "never a dull moment" sandwich featuring Peanut Butter & Company's Dark Chocolate Dreams and raspberry preserves plus fresh raspberries. Side dish is mixed fruit of organic strawberries & grapes.

The awesome vintage rubber duck cloth was from the Village Discount Outlet for only $1 and too adorable to pass up! The basket is from Michaels and they always have huge 50% or more basket sales, especially in the summer! This was $5!

One must always be fashionable for a picnic! Sheer Forever 21 blouse from the Goodwill for $1.49 and cat print vintage style below knee length dress for abut $30 from an eBay shop. Purple ribbon is from Michaels.
Turquoise peacock tights for $7 from Target's clearance rack & American Eagle black flats for $7 from Clash Consignment- totally comfy footwear for the 2 1/2 mile journey.
The pond couldn't have looked any more magical.
Remember this bag? The $10 Strawberry Driving tote bag from Twist N' Shout Records in Denver? An adorable match to the cat print dress right?
Writing, snacking, and playing with my foam RTA bus.
Sandwich time!
A quiet leaf randomly fell and requested to be taken home. I obliged.
Shadow mischief on the tree.
White duck spotted waddling by!
Ah.... that summer pond life. Nothing could be sweeter than this. 

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