Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rawtella & Cherry Preserves: The Upscale PB & J

The best "peanut butter & jelly" sandwich ever!
Nutella was one major addiction of mine last year.
From slices of bread, apple slices, bananas, or plainly out of the jar, that $3.59 jar of chocolaty hazelnut bliss had me over the moon at every spoonful.
But the first ingredients are sugar and palm oil.
With this recipe, it's all hazelnuts and cocoa with natural sweeteners that vanilla almond milk and maple syrup provide. So it's deliciously pure tasting Rawtella without the added unnecessary ingredients.
As for the cherry preserves, since there were a few left and I had the idea that it would pair well with the Rawtella, setting up the perfect date for two on a rendezvous of bread.

Rawtella (makes 8 ounces double for more)

1 1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2 tablespoon vanilla almond milk
2 tablespoon maple syrup
add a pinch of organic sugar if you need it sweeter

Cherry Preserves (makes 6 ounces double for more)

21 pitted black cherries
1 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoon arrowroot powder

Grind hazelnuts into powder in a blender.
Add in 1/4 cup cocoa powder.
Place mixture into a bowl, gradually adding almond milk & maple syrup.
Rich chocolaty heaven, ready to be eaten or canned.
In a medium heat skillet, mix cherries, sugar, & arrowroot powder together
Keep on stirring.
Around 5-7 minutes later, juicy burst cherries are ready for jarring. Do Not Sample or else there will be nothing in the jar!
6 ounces of delicious preserves set in the fridge overnight and eaten with Rawtella the next day!

This delectably sweet "dessert" sandwich was so awesome with a cold glass of almond milk on a hot summer day that called out for picnic lunch. With plump juicy cherries and chocolaty hazelnut madness competing for dominance on their respective sides of the bread, I enjoyed devouring every last bite of light, addictive meal.
Seriously- there's nothing better than homemade Rawtella and cherry preserves. Nothing!
Hmmm, sure would make for a nice future "jelly" doughnut filling.....

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