Thursday, February 21, 2013

Silk's New Soy And Almond Milk Fruit Blended Yogurts

Look what's new! Silk's line of Fruit & Creamy Yogurts.
I have had hit or miss yogurts since my vegetarianism began.
The Silk company had created the first ones ever tried- the Silk Live! alternatives featured favorite flavors like Key Lime and Blueberry.
But alas those days are long gone and others have taken over the vegan dairy section.
Now Silk has come back with a vengeance, creating a new line featuring rounder sized containers, these new active culture single serving yogurts are made with either almond or soy milk and come in a wider range of flavors- Black Cherry, Peach Mango and their traditional Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry. For us frugal loving vegan grocery shoppers these are currently on sale at Kroger's for 10 for $10 plus don't forget to snip's But 1 Get 1 Free.
The Black Cherry is a definite winner with sweet tart and tangy ripened cherries blended perfectly in the almond milk cultured cream that made the entire container a worthy lickable task. So, so delicious and addictive! May be the perfect component to creating another version of cherry chocolate pancakes.
The Blueberry made with soy milk cultures is another champion. It tastes quite yummy and reminiscent of the old dairy days that the Silk flavor experts got right. By also adding extra fresh blueberries right in, it just creates an even fruitier experience.
Seeing as I wished with both Black Cherry and Blueberry that they didn't taste overly pureed and that more chunky, soft texture of the natural fruits existed. Would be an absolute delight to have that extra fruit on the bottom! ;)
As for the Raspberry almond milk flavor, well.....

With a little spoon swirling, it whips right towards the top and looks sooooo yummylicious.
Definitely true to the name, it's creamy alright & has that familiar raspberry zing!
Unfortunately, this still has the miss like their prior raspberry effort- that sour, vinegar accented aftertaste that Black Cherry & Blueberry flavors didn't have.
As for my Grocery Must Haves list, the Black Cherry and Blueberry are definite going to refrigeration stables!

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