Sunday, September 7, 2014

Vegan Mofo 2014 Day 5: Treeline's Treenut Cheese Herb Garlic Flavored French Style Cashew Cream Cheese Review

Check out what's new to South Street Whole Foods Market.
As mentioned in two previous Vegan Mofo posts, I just tried Treeline's Treenut Cheese for the first time!
At $6.99, I was hesitant over a 6 oz tub that costs the same as a 16 oz bag of Trader Joe's raw cashews. After all, struggling art students are excruciatingly budget oriented. We like to get more bang for our buck. Plus I'm sitting on Daiya coupons. Well, I caved and gave into temptation. Once is all it takes to see if something is worth the extra dollars.

Hmmmm.... is it a good sign that the product is almost all gone prior to review?
Perhaps it's a good sign.
Complementing curried tempeh, red onions, and spinach.
Perfect for spreading atop bagels, crackers, carrots (hey the confused carrots thought it was hummus and loved it anyway!), sandwich bread, and adding tangy zip to salads and fancify up hot macaroni & cheese dishes, Treeline's unique French-styled nut cheese is quite brilliant. Taste is super light and airy, sophisticated renderings that really have an authentic artisan quality. Herb garlic provided distinctive notes-- it wasn't overpowering nor a minor background chord. Just letting the tongue know that it is indeed flavored. Creamy texture melts into pasta in loving manner. Every time I was eating it, I felt like wearing pearls and sparkle dresses. It even tastes divinely rich and expensive. I must also confess that the packaging is beautiful, all Art Noveau and oh so French. The purple accents touch my violet colored heart. Good job design department!
Yes, the price is a doozy. It'll be worth buying when the mood for fancy strikes. And FYI: I'm always fancy.  Plus Whole Foods always has great holiday sales catering to the growing vegan population. With delicious brands like Gardein, Beyond Meat, Daiya, Tofurkey, and etc. on the Thanksgiving and Christmas feast lists, who's to say that Treeline's unique line of fantastic treenut goodness won't be added to the hosting party?
I'm all for it!

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