Sunday, May 31, 2015

En Route To Summer Braids Part Two: The Night Before With Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

Supporting black business continues. Ingredients for this include aloe butter, jojoba oil, nettle, and carrot seed oil.
The most important part of getting hair to that necessary softness is to use a good deep conditioner at least twice a week. Well, for me. My hair is super duper dry. Like a crispy deep fried brittle dry. Thankfully, new products have slowly recuperated damage. Still commending Kinky Curly for cleanliness, Shea Moisture for amazing conditioners, and clipping ends. I find all three components have been beneficial to summer braids journey.
Now moving forward to the next segment: trying out Karen's Body Beautiful. Like Kinky Curly and Shea Moisture, Karen Tappin's cruelty free line is free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, and other harmful additives.
Karen transformed her organic body care line from a modest home-based business to a blossoming enterprise with robust internet sales, a luxurious store and a chic spa. Karen’s foray into the rarefied world of beauty happened by chance. In 2003, Karen, an astute businesswoman, was successfully marketing custom gift baskets during the holidays. Alarmed by the presence of preservatives and possible carcinogens in some conventional bath and body products, Karen decided to create all natural alternatives to incorporate into her gift baskets.
After researching the cosmetic and therapeutic properties of natural ingredients, Karen developed recipes for a full spa line made from all natural ingredients, including lotions, soaps, scrubs, oils, candles and bath salts. Karen’s products were immediately a hit-so successful in fact that the following year she and her husband decided to focus their entrepreneurial efforts on selling bath and beauty products.
Here entails twas the night before protective braids,
another organic product breaks down hair barricades.

After washing with Kinky Curly's Come Clean, I swapped out usual conditioner for Karen's Body Beautiful's Luscious Locks Hair Mask Deep Conditioning Treatment, $24.99 at Target. I used more than a quarter. Sorry. I'm a product addict. And I knew my hair was extra thirsty on top of excited. This is always sold out. And for good reason. Alas, I combed conditioner through, put on a conditioning cap and watched two episodes of Jem and the Holograms-- 40 minutes. Karen said 20. I needed the bonus. I rinsed and tested strands. You know a conditioner is good and true when during twist making, it stays uniformed and shiny-- no product needed. Still, one needs leave in conditioner, oil, and cream anyway. The combing was manageable too. Solid plus. 
Little pic. I hope you all can just imagine how the texture felt. An indescribable feathery existence. These are part of photographic closeups. Part of a future series of Afro hair love. Very beautiful. Touchably beautiful. To sift fingers into this was a dream.  
Soft middle view.
My hair line is so healthy. I'm obsessed with the front view.

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