Monday, April 11, 2016

Three New Vegan Foods Hit Philly

Sweet Earth Foods new breakfast pick-me-up.
I was overjoyed to see new vegan products at both Center City Whole Foods locations and couldn't contain eagerness to try them out. Unfortunately blindsided eagerness caused the wallet being left at the store. I had just caught a bus heading towards home-- sans a bus pass. Immediately, I raced off (to frustrated annoyance of the bus driver), came back to W.F. and was happy to have retrieved everything. Whew!
Other than being a complete scatterbrain, life has been super busy to the point of near exhaustion some days. With nineteen days until ASE installation, twenty-nine days until final reviews, and thirty-two days until graduation, the end of school is painstakingly near. Blood, sweat, and tears have been going in at six medium to large sized paintings. Six. Self-doubt is trying to take me down. And for all my love of art, I cannot let it.
Needless to say, here are three brand new comfort foods taking some of the edge off-- to my stomach that is.

Yummy cute little morning sunshine.
These sandwiches were absolutely delicious. They get pretty messy towards the devouring finish line, but it's worth it. I've never been a huge fan of ham. Not at all. Most vegan hams remind me of great dislike. Sweet Earth has created savory pieces of juicy texture that isn't too chewy or awkward. The bun is soft, moist and the chickpea"egg" is divine. I could do without the tomato puree stuff.
I really enjoy Pretzilla Buns. Their soft, squishy exterior and pretzel-ly exterior from sausage buns to hamburger buns, bring on fun memories of obsessive Auntie Ann's days. Now the team has brought on Soft Pretzel Bites-- another hit!
Fifteen in a pack, these three serving portion snacks carry on traditional flavor-- pint sized, chewy, tasty treasures! Deliciously good alone or with a "cheesy" dip or mustard. 
Nada Moo is finally here.
I have always wanted to try Nada Moo! for the longest time. They're a hugely popular ice cream line based in Texas and selling their sweet pints all over West Coast.

The ice cream is a refreshing taste of authentic peppermint flavor with bits of miniature chocolate chips in between.
I tried hard to not be one of those people who eats an entire pint in one sitting. I failed. Tremendously.
In my foolish happiness over Nada Moo's arrival, I didn't truly think this out when selecting this particular ice cream flavor. I apologize to my moral consciousness, to my readers in acknowledgment.
Unfortunately, this will be the first and last time, I will try Nada Moo's chocolate products. They are on the Food Empowerment Project's "Cannot Recommend: Companies That Did Not Respond" list.
I've decided it was best to print this out now.
Even if a company has "vegan" and "fair trade" certification labels adhered to its eloquent packaging, a consumer has a right to know where their chocolate hails from, whose hands are in this delicate process of harvesting the precious cacao bean. Are child's hands being whipped and labored? A willing adult's hands?
It's a sore subject to end on, but we cannot deny slavery's existence. A company may scream ethical intentions until kingdom come. The truth is in solidarity of food empowerment. Either you're standing with justice or you're not.  
Edited: Nada Moo is officially recommended! I'm proud and overjoyed of the company's standards. Thank you for using fair trade, slave free chocolate. I look forward to the chocolate flavors of your fantastic ice cream.


  1. I love Sweet Earth products, I will have to look for that sandwich.
    I love the last part of your post, especially the last sentence. Simple, powerful and so true.

    1. Sweet Foods is a delight! The sandwich is delicious.
      Thank you for your compliments and comments. I appreciate it. Your username name reveals all.

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