Friday, March 17, 2017

inkkas: Vegan Fair Trade + Handmade Sneakers

My Black Spectrum inkkas are made with authentic Peruvian textiles, high quality cotton shoe laces by local artists. Every shoe is cut, sewn, and stitched by hand.
Once upon an art gallery opening, I spied this tall, loc'ed curator wearing the most incredible shoes-- shoes that his wife had bought him. They were a wild lime green and heather grey with kente fabric patterns stitched in between. He showed them off, including the rounded logo attached to the bottom. I had put the inkkas brand in the back of my mind (for what seems like centuries) and at last treated myself to the fair trade made-to-order company. After all, boot season is almost drawing to a close (despite Tuesday's large puff of snow and ice). One needs to be super prepped for spring and spring means pep in the step.
Now inkkas are far more than lovely pair of shoes.
Some wonderful highlights:
In conjunction with Trees for the Future, inkkas is committed to retaining Earth's sustainability. With every purchase, a tree is planted.
"Each tree has multiple uses including - reforestation, improving soil condition, providing food for human and livestock consumption and eventually timber as well."
So far, the number has reached over 100,000.
Here's a link to The inkkas Vegan Collection. Find beautifully patterned low and high top sneakers, fancy espadrilles, and chic bazaar bags that set forth a conscious yet vibrant style statement.

My rainbow high top inkkas not only have an optimistic  and match a certain multifaceted jersey dress, they fit perfectly, are comfortable for walking, and add pizazz to any outfit.


  1. Beautiful shoes! I'm definitely going to check out their website!!

    1. Thank you!!! They're worth checking out + on site they're having a huge clearance sale right now!!! :)

  2. I saw them on Etsy a long time ago and liked them. Thanks for the review!

    1. Awesome! Aren't they cute? I'm glad that it's warmer weather to wear them now. Thanks for commenting! :)