Saturday, September 23, 2017

Intriguing Late Night Taco Grubhub From La Vaca Margarita Bar

Take out from La Vaca Margarita Bar was definitely on the unique side of things. 
I wasn't in the mood for tacos.
In fact, I wanted sushi or vegan BBQ. Many restaurants were closed after a certain time.
I settled for returning to my host location and utilizing Grub Hub. The only vegan option was La Vaca's tacos and guacomole with hot and crunchy tortilla chips.
When I unwrapped my tacos, I thought they looked like fish and almost called the restaurant, but no fishy smell came from beneath the pink patties topped with avocado slices and sesame seeds.

These breaded filets are comprised of chickpeas, oatmeal, rice, and bell peppers. 
Flat patties were slightly crunchy on the outside with a delicate tender center, but needed more than avocado (which was unfortunately a little on the brown side) and sesame seeds to provide a real sense of flavor. It lacked salt and spice.
Funnily enough the guacamole was very salty. I added that to the tacos-- which helped just a bit. I loved the concept of blending these specific ingredients together and forming them into a cohesive vegan friendly taco insertion. It's the follow through that could use revision. Still, a commendable effort nonetheless. 

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