Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Latest Events and the Rising Moon Vegan Butternut Squash Stuffed Ravioli Review

I tested out Rising Moon's Vegan Butternut Squash Ravioli with a side of asparagus and mushrooms. 
It's been a rather busy week.
I am back to working the museum on weekends. Yet I have managed to see Black Panther twice (a regular, albeit complimentary ticket on Friday night and then in IMAX 3D on a late Sunday night), attended both a Black Panther themed afterparty (which raised funds for the Black Lives Matter Philadelphia Chapter) and an Audre Lorde birthday party, and added in the darks on my litho stone-- all this whilst performing laundry duties and packing up for Toronto.

Black Panther posters that really had my heart soaring. I have always wanted to see Lupita Nyong'o and Danai Gurira in a film together-- dream come true. Read my film review here.
At the Black Panther afterparty, during a round of difficult Quizzno, I used my offered ink pen for drawing and a the same time, engorged on this amazing vegan Wakandan cupcake. 
At Audre Lorde's birthday party held at the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, Phila Prints' brought a silkscreen (not actual silk-- polyester) station. They printed "Praise the Lorde" in white ink on BYOT's (t-shirt, tank top, tote, whatever). 
Class number 5 out of the twelve week lithography class and still working hard on my Augusta Savage montage. 
As one can see, exhaustion and excess activities have kept me awake as of late. I have barely made the time to create a decent meal. Thankfully, I was happy to find Rising Moon's Organic Butternut Squash Ravioli at Mom's Organic Market on a recent shopping excursion.

I found Rising Moon for $4.99 in the frozen foods section. They have a wide variety of pant based varieties and the ingredients are pure and simple. 
The Butternut Squash filling is light and creamy, not too heavy with a hint of sweetness (maple syrup is an ingredient and that always works well with squashes). I coated them in a mirrored "butter sauce" comprised of almond milk, nutritional yeast, turmeric, garlic, salt, black pepper, and crushed red pepper. The side component is boiled and pan fried asparagus with chopped mushrooms and garlic as a side dish component.
This is a good ravioli if you're too tired to make your own. I am looking forward to trying the other flavors.

A simple, fulfilling dinner. 
Still good.


  1. You've been busy! I'm glad Black Panther lived up to your expectations, and that you followed it up with such a good cupcake!

    I love a good vegan ravioli, but the ones available here are quite expensive and don't really taste that great, compared to the cost. Yours looks like it made a really great meal.

    1. Thank you!! It's such a good film. My friend and I are seeing it tonight (me third, her first time). The cupcake was excellent. I'm bound to track down the baker for the frosting alone!

      The ravioli isn't something to buy frequently, but it is useful in a hunger rush. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had the best experiences though. That sucks.

  2. I would LOVE a plate of that RIGHT NOW! Yum!

    I hope to check out that movie in the near future, too!

    1. Jennifer, you've got to see it!!!!
      I hope Rising Moon is offered in your area. It's good stuff. Thank you.

  3. I haven't seen Black Panther yet, but I am so excited that it is doing so well, and I'm so excited that people are loving it and it just makes me so happy!
    I love the Rising Sun vegan raviolis! There is another flavor I've had that is as good as the butternut squash but I can't remember what flavor!
    Your dinner looks beautiful and delicious!

    1. Yay!!! The Black Panther fever is real! It's sooooooooooooo unbelievably good. I will recommend until the cows come home.
      Thank you for your compliments. It was an easy dinner. I want to try out the other flavors and happy that the store carries the vegan options on the same row.

  4. I love that shirt! It works so well with your outfit.

    I have mixed feelings about Black Panther. I want to see it because the premise and actors are all cool. But I am not a fan of super hero movies. So frustrating. Still not sure if I will see it in theaters yet.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer!

      I understand your concern. Superhero fans aren't my favorite film genre that's for sure. But this story is different, very special. Maybe because I can see Ryan Coogler's voice speaking through the story, the characters. If you don't see it in theaters, please do consider it on Netflix or DVD. It's too good to miss.