Monday, July 3, 2017

Lunch Specials & Sunday Buffets At New Harmony

The $6.95 lunch special includes choice of soup (wonton or hot and sour) or appetizer (veggie pancakes or spring roll), and main course. I picked the veggie pancakes-- crispy and light drenched in a sweet meets salted airy sauce.
I come to New Harmony too much. I have had great and mediocre experiences. The lunch, however, can be exceptional if choosing what you love most. Thanks to generous sized portions, it's two lunches for the price of one.
If I don't pack leftovers or peanut butter and jelly or tofu and Chao sandwiches, my best bet is a place nearby. After all, an hour may seem like enough time to walk to a restaurant, eat, and walk back, but that time goes away fast the farther one ventures out.
It was the first time I used my break to walk to New Harmony, taking pleasure on a sunny afternoon, on a twelve minute trek, bouncing along to Stereolab's boppy French "Miss Modular" (this old song is wonderful). In one of life's little blessings, I had the restaurant to myself (introvert love), ate at a happy pace (moaning at every bite of good food), and left with proficient minutes to return back to work with my doggy bags.

I ordered my favorite-- sesame chik'in which comes with delicious brown rice and broccoli. When I return, I plan to eat down each of the lunch specials and drink so much iced water. Hopefully, I can find new foods to treasure and share. Already know that the "beef" tips are a "no go!"

Yummy steamed "pork" buns to go. Cannot beat 3 for an extra $2.95. I thought, well, I walked all this way, why would I not grab these steamed buns too?
FYI: flashbacking to an awesome time at New Harmony's $13 All You Can Eat Vegan Buffet (only available on Sunday nights). On my first helping plate: spring rolls, veggie pancakes, mock "fish," and vegetable poppers. The mock "fish" has a crispy coating and a creamy, dense center. My friend and I both loved this.

One of the best prizes is the walnut shrimp, often always gone before the buffet is over. I never had real shrimp before. So I cannot say if this is true to flavor. I do know that it is fantastic. The texture is a chewy interior with a bity crunch on the outside. Very flavorful and excellent, innovative use of walnut. I would definitely come back to the buffet and consume with pride and joy.

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