Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pacifica's Devocean Deeply Devoted Natural Lipstick in Firebird

Flossing at work with a chic "new" vintage style dress and popping vegan lipstick color.
Happy National Lipstick Day!
To celebrate the coveted day, Pacifica is offering a special buy one, get one free promo! The cruelty free, all natural lipstick brand is definitely has plentiful must haves for your purse, especially since lipsticks and glosses are a reasonable $10 each. Hurry hurry! Sale ends tomorrow at 11:59 PST time.
I came to the museum, feeling glam and beautiful in a rare showing of boldness that seemed to have everyone talking. I only intended to make a fashion statement, but I suppose when a balm and tinted gloss lady arrives with a zesty red lip, someone is going to talk about the switch up.

I tested out Pacifica Devocean Deeply Devoted Natural Lipstick (love their gold and white ode to Art Noveau package design goes with the overall sleek, slender stick). This is in Firebird, a warm, rich inviting red color of tulips.

The lipstick is matte and smooth. I put balm on first before putting this on and it didn't against the extra lip protection. The color is absolutely great on my skin tone. To think, I was so hesitant...
My pleasantly sophisticated Firebird survived lunch breaks (I reapplied of course), a book shop fair, and an opening reception at Traction Company. I also really loved how the color matched so well with this embossed collared dress (a $5 steal at Buffalo Exchange) as well. All in all, great product for sure! For the buy one, get one free, I purchased the Power of Love Lipstick in Nudie Red and the Plushious Mineral Lipstick in Velvet Kiss. Stay tuned for reviews on those sassy hues.

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