Saturday, July 1, 2017

Vegan Pop Up Philly Celebrates One Year (Happy Birthday Y'all)

Happy 1st birthday Philly Vegan Pop Up Flea Market and many, many more.
 Last Saturday, this conversation took place.
"Hey! Are you going to that vegan pop up down the street?"
"Of course!" I excitedly answered.
"I saw the sign and said, 'I know who's going down there for lunch.'"
Laughter ensued. I skipped off for my break, hungry and anxious, delighted to be near the latest Philly Vegan Popup Flea Market. I had been praying that they would show up at Friend's Center. I love Tattooed Mom's, but it's further down the road from my workplace.

I visited Barb's Gone Pie booth, admiring the sweets galore.

Candies, breads, pies....

Freakin' Vegan scooping out macaroni and cheese for ravenous guests.

A Freakin' Vegan Spinach and "ricotta" empanada and Obsidian Juice beet juice (excellent flavor blend).

The filling is good. I need more of that ricotta in my life and quite curious as to the ingredients.

In the breakroom, scrumptious "just for me" Gone Pie goodies all laid out in their glorious fair trade chocolate (and not chocolate) beauty: peanut butter caramel rice crispy treat (with twinkling, iridescent green sprinkles), salted peanut butter caramel cup, vanilla macaroon, and a broughnie (brownie baked in a donut pan). So delicious. FYI: I did eat these on separate occasions. Imagine the extreme sugar high if I had eaten all at once.

My love for Newman's Boulangerie croissants grew stronger with every bite of the salty-sweet, chewy, moist, buttery, flaky pastry. I shared my batch with my co-workers. One of which said, "you better be careful, these could get pretty addictive." And yes, she's right. Thankfully, they sell vegan croissants on Fridays at Grindcore House.

Another shameless picture of the marshmallow centered broughnie. This was epic.

Vegan Pop Ups must continue this refreshing tradition around Philadelphia. It has been a super amazing treat meeting people, eating new food creations, and finding cruelty free beauty products.


  1. The empanada looks incredible! And a vegan croissant is something I've never had, but need to try sometime!

    1. Thanks. I loved the empanada! :)
      I hope you get to try vegan croissants sometime! It's a long and difficult process making them at home.

  2. Looks like a quite tasty event! At Bethlehem VegFest, we always go to Freakin' Vegan's stall; the mac & cheese and empanadas are amazing! The croissants sound so good, too!

    1. I didn't get to try the mac n cheese, but there was definitely a crowd for it. I hope we have more pop ups. It's a lot of delicious fun. I'll try to get up to the Bethlehem Fest someday. :D