Monday, October 16, 2017

Vegan Mofo Post #13: Putting Fair Trade Chocolate In Painting

Chocolate girls with chocolate.
I have a great stash of chocolate just to enjoy for this beautiful birthday month-- delicious gifts to myself of course. In the meantime, when I'm not devouring my tempestuous abundance, lately the chocolate bars have been incorporated into painting practice.

Chocolaty brown inspiration from Lashana Lynch (Lady Rosalind Capulet) and Sterling Sulieman (Prince Escalus).
This latest project combines glorious splendor of dark and brown skin tones that were featured in Shonda Rhimes produced Shakespearean show, Still Star Crossed, which had sadly been canceled over the summer. Lashana Lynch, the actress who played strong, brazen, independent lead, Lady Rosalind Capulet is in every painting. I wasn't super invested in the characters. I purely thought about their time, slavery, and chocolate, desperately trying to bridge this romantic period with contemporary plights about the damaging industry that barbarically exploits children, children and adults who have never tasted chocolate, but carry deep seated scars from having to pick the seeds that make it.

Alter Eco's Salted Almonds for Lady Rosaline. I haven't tried this one yet. My willpower has been very, very strong.

Nib Mor's All Natural Superfruit Cherry flavor is by hands my favorite. It's incredibly pleasing to a cherry chocolate fiend, with bursts of cherry goodness in every bite. I'm a little broken up-- haven't been able to find this in months. One store carries it, but the bar is white due to mishandled temperatures and doesn't taste as good if stored properly. Once winter hits, I'll be ordering from the website.

In progress painting of Prince Escalus and Lady Rosaline Capulet with the Nib Mor cherry bar. I was obsessed with this mentioned (never shown rendezvous) of the young lad and the beautiful lady caught by his father in the stables. Thus, I painted what could have happened-- with a cherry bar included.
In progress painting in Theo Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. I ate this immediately afterward. How could I not? It trembled in my hands, melting, pleading sweetly.
At this rate, maybe these three works will be finished this week.