Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Vegan Mofo Post #3: Artisadough Doughnuts

Beautiful doughnuts. 
Today, I'm sharing a spectacular treat-- doughnuts!

I visited New York City a few weeks ago to attend the 21st Annual Urbanworld Film Festival. Prior to attending, I had a scrumptious breakfast in Brooklyn (my love Champs Diner). Afterward, due to the word of mouth, I came to Chicky's General Store to acquire Artisa Dough, a black owned doughnut company ran by Chef Shalom otherwise known as The Meditative Chef. His sophisticatedly crafted, uniquely conceived doughnuts contain no sugar, purely sweetened by plant-based nature. This charming quote on the site:

"Artisadough is plant-based art on a plate and our gift to you."

Now I didn't have the best customer service experience at Chicky's, and doubt that I'll return soon, but Chef Shalom's doughnuts are worth remembering. I had walked to the C Train station with two grease dripping bags, these sweets sweating in the intense, unexpected heat. So thus, they lost their original beautiful appearance, a little of the taste, but not their yummy potential.

The Pumpkin Chai Spice Latte doughnut, which I hungrily devoured during the film premiere of sci-fi, urban fantasy Brown Girl Begins, was absolutely delicious. I thought it genuinely mimicked the overall cake doughnut appearance and flavor, filled with tis the season sweetness, that distinctive pumpkin taste my tastebuds love and cherish. In the darkness, I mourned the loss, wishing to have bought only this doughnut, as opposed to wanting to try everything, but that's the vegan way-- giving all vegan treats an equal chance.

Unfortunately, the frosting of this Pink Lemonade donut melted away in the bag.  Still good and yeast-y.  Although, I think most of the Pink Lemonade flavor was supposed to be in the frosting. 
Mexican Chocolate Doughnut.
The creative, out of this orbit Purple Haze (very, very delicious) had Thai blue flowers and Madagascar vanilla-- definitely my second favorite. The flowers provided amazing flavor (that of which I didn't expect).
Two doughnuts melting onto one another. I learned not to carry around doughnuts in the heat. As you have witnessed, none of the doughnuts really looked like they came from the store. 
Price wise, Artisa Dough is a bit more expensive than Dun-Well Doughnuts, fairing a bit on the Cinnamon Snail side. They're $4.50 each at Chicky's and from Artisa Dough's site an online order of half-dozen is $35 (three flavor picks), and a full dozen is $60 (six flavor picks). For the future, I can see myself splurging on one or two doughnuts at a time, especially Pumpkin Chai Spice Latte and Purple Haze and sharing these joys with my friends.


  1. It's a shame they all kind of merged together on your travels - the perils of bulk buying donuts, I suppose! At least they kept the great taste. I'd probably go for the Mexican chocolate one, but Purple Haze sounds intriguing.

    1. Yes. It was sad. I don't suppose there's a better option than wax paper bags, eh? The Mexican Chocolate is a good choice. Purple Haze is different yet enjoyable.

  2. I would definitely go for the pink lemonade! I haven't had a doughnut in at least a million years, and I'm sad to say I've never had a vegan doughnut!!!

  3. OMG!!! You still haven't had a vegan doughnut yet???!!! Oh how I wish to mail you care packages of doughnuts, my friend. You're missing out. :(

  4. I think I'd go for the pink lemonade donut as well; that's a shame that the frosting melted off of the one you got, though.

    1. I can see the pink lemonade being a huge hit. Next time I will just eat the donuts there or wait until winter. By then, they won't be melting. :D