Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Vegan Mofo Post #14: Tis The Season Grocery Hauls, Birthday Cards, and Self Love Presents

At Trader Joe's, I picked up favorite seasonal items: Pumpkin Bagels, Pita Crisps with Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Spice, and Lentil Soup. I also picked up a basil plant! Tofu Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce and Soft & Juicy Mango are my usuals.

Pumpkin! I had visited Trader Joe's three times prior. It didn't take til the fourth visit for my pumpkin treats to be in stock.

Basil! Look how beautiful and green it is. I hope it can somehow last through winter. Until then, I look forward to cutting leaves and making pesto. 

Birthday cards from my Ohio gals.

Fun! Fun!

I bought the 20th anniversary edition of Bic Runga's "Drive," one of my favorite albums. Also, realized that I almost forgot what a physical CD felt like.

Remember these booklets with nice pictures and such inside? Wow!

I love the copy of her handwritten scrawl of "Swim" lyrics, my favorite song of hers.

Three years later, back to checking out books and media, after finally paying off my library fine. I promise to return my things on time and not hoard them as if the ten cents and dollar fines don't add up. It's a privilege to utilize the library.

New face and body treats: Valentina's Naturals Refreshing Body Mist makes you smell like sweet oranges and Dickinson's Witch Hazel with Aloe has been a great face/scalp cleaner.


  1. So many pumpkin things! Yum! And I can't remember the last time I bought or even played a cd - I used to love reading the song lyrics and thank yous inside.

    1. You can never have too much pumpkin. It's my favorite. I feel the same as you when it comes to CDs. The insides were always a treasure.

  2. I'm so glad you finally got your pumpkin bagels!!