Monday, October 30, 2017

Vegan Mofo Post #21: The Vegan Jawn of the Dead Halloween Themed Pop Up

Yummy Soy Café mac n cheese with crumbly topping just the way I like it.
On a dreary Sunday, it rained an endless miserable symphony. Still, I wasn't going to pass up a vegan pop up, especially celebrating my favorite holiday-- Halloween. I took the train and walked in the downpour, entering The Rotunda located in West Philadelphia. Inside was a lively contagious enthrall of dressed vendors and guests, a scary music soundtrack that included Michael Jackson's "Thriller," and lots of food samples. I purchased a $1 raffle ticket (no one called so no big loss). I tried yummy coconut jerky and admired spooky character mugs. I almost, almost got a Frida Kahlo or Jean-Michel Basquiat mug.
My favorite lady, Barb of Gone Pie was setting up. I ordered treats for my friends and I. Kindly, she let me park my wet umbrella in her area while I stalked off to look around the cobwebs and pumpkins. The Food Duo's Carmella and Carlo were decked out in costumes. From their V Marks the Shop, I bought the infamous Miss Rachel's Pantry's Pub Cheese (cannot wait to try it!!!) and Europe's dairy free favorite cheese brand Violife in the mozzarella flavored block.
Overall, I had such a blast. Looking forward to the holiday pop up!

For my final shift at Philadelphia Film Festival, I consumed delicious Du Lapin Bakery vegan croissants. These were just incredible. Sweet, flaky, "buttery."

This Gone Pie pumpkin blondie with little chocolate chips was such a treasure. I loved every bit of this chewy, moist exceptional blondie. It brings such a joy to a huge pumpkin aficionado.

I handed out my pumpkin and witch treats to my friends. These goodies are filled with cashew and caramel.

My little stash: Gone Pie's Harvest Pie (a blend of sweet potato, pumpkin, and butternut squash), Miss Rachel's Pub Cheese, Violife Mozzarella, and cute vegan macarons by Mari. We got a free bag of Dandies! Always happy to have those.

Just a piece of my Halloween costume for tomorrow. Heehee. Thank you to the amazing ladies of Light Beings Healing Company for this gorgeous crystal flower crown. I also received a vile of beautiful smelling water. Then again, I might wear this every day.


  1. That sounds like such a fun event! The pumpkin blondie sounds delicious!

    1. Yes! It was a load of fun! I'm so happy to have weekends off now partly due to these frequent pop ups. :)

  2. It's been AGES since my last visit to your blog! So sorry! I re-did my blogroll so I will put you on there now and visit more frequently! This all looks amazing, btw!

    1. Hi Jennifer!!! Nice to see you again. It's completely okay. I'm always happy to see a familiar face. :)

  3. So much good food, and I love your Halloween costume, too! :)