Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello March and Thai 9 Luvin!

Only the 11th week milestone of veganism and so far it's been an awesome taste journey of experimentation.
I've made it!
Eating fresh is a lot harder for me, however. With a diet loaded with hot eats- processed vegan food (like "cheeseburgers" and "chili dogs!") and baked sweets, I know that I need to incorporate more raw recipes into this newer diet of mine. (Though I'm not considering a diet. It's a way of life!!!!)
I do consume apples and handfuls of berries and raisins, but how to incorporate that same love for vegetables like I do the natural sugar treats is a true testament of vegan survival?
Since I'm always on the go, I eat out a lot, especially during lunch and would love more than anything to find a spot that prepares
This past weekend at the market got the usual avocados, asparagus, and other vegetables for the week. Also supported my local vegan baker by getting some of her signature hot chocolate spice cookies (which I shared with Mom!) and tried out a delightful shamrock whoopie pie (Happy Belated Saint Patty's Day!)- green mint cream from Thistle.

Vegan Shamrock Whoopie Pies from Thistle
Today's lunch was from Thai 9 in downtown's Oregon District.
I highly recommend not only the yummy Tofu Pad Thai (my spice level is 0 for wuss!) and avocado rolls (get 6 at Thai 9 as opposed to the 5 at Thai Kitchen, lol), but the incredibly sweet and savory mango salad. Sliced mangoes prepared with lime juice, slices of red onion, cashews, and toasted coconut, it tastes like heaven.
And I'm not a big salad fan at all, but I love this dish!
Simply amazingness!
I'll definitely try to make this at home too. 

Avocado Rolls and Mango Salad
Tofu Pad Thai With Broccoli
One can never go wrong with Pad Thai- one of the best damn dishes in town!
As for what the rest of my week is like, I'm excited to share more enticing recipes with everyone!
Woot! Woot!

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