Saturday, February 25, 2012

2nd Street Farmer's Market

Ah, the market!
Opened on Thursdays and Fridays from 11:00AM-3PM and Saturdays from 8AM-3PM, the 2nd Street Public Market is a wonderful place to see and taste items from local farmers, cooks, bakers, and artisans showcasing their wares to sample and sell.
I try to come here a few times a month.

See the lady in center? Well, she needs retouching.
In fact the whole entire mural does.
Due to the fluctuating weather, most of the paint is starting to peel and fade away. I'll have to ask if we could do something about it before everyone's hard earned work disappears forever.....

The Dayton Metro Library's Free Book Program- borrow any of these books, read them, and share with anyone who enjoys a good book.

I spoke briefly to the recently opened soapmaker of Tipp City's Living Simply Soap who has vegan ingredients like oatmeal, coconut, and olive oils in her soaps, shampoos, lotions, lip balms, and other products. She has been struggling with creating a shea butter and candellia wax blend that doesn't turn too hard and I'm wishing her the best of luck!
Her official grand opening is next week, so I'm planning to come back and see more products which may include some raw, unrefined shea butter. Yes!
She had whipped on hand, but there are certain ingredients I have been avoiding...
Here's her site:
Thankfully enough, she lists all the ingredients and I can have a better look at what to buy next week! :)

Lots of cutesy handmade jewelry, handbags, and totes made from recycled materials as well as products for home at one seller's shop.

The Chef Case ran low on the good stuff today!
Of course that's what I get for coming thirty minutes before close. Hahaha. (rule #1 of the Farmer's Market come at a decent hour, lol)
Usually filled with vegan, gluten-free salads and sandwiches, I did manage to take the last of the Southwest Black Eyed Pea salad, a blend of locally produced marinated mushrooms, potatoes, garlic, green, pablano, and red peppers, black eyed peas, red wine vinegar, and olive oil.
Their site is here:

Amish popcorn kernels and bags of dried corncobs!

Locally produced maple syrup......
Reminds me that I haven't had traditional winter pancakes in a great long while now.
*will explore vegan pancake recipes this week! yay!*

Fruity baskets!!!!!
Potato varieties and squash! Mmmmhmmm!
Crafty galore haven. Ugh. Wish I could afford everything! :(
Yes, there are indeed some toddler undies! So hilarious and adorable. If only I were that tiny again...
And look at those tote bags?
Overall, such a grand ole time at the market as usual!
The smells, the sights, and familiar faces...
Will definitely come early next time, especially for the yummy vegan treats.

As for where I had my lunch- Starbucks. Where else? Yes, my avocado was ripened perfectly! Heehee. :D

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